Update on Pending Sale of Lodge and Spa at Cordillera

Dear Property Owners,
As you know, last week, the CPOA/CMD exercised their rights under Rule 106 action appealing the County Commissioners decision to affirm the Director's interpretation that Concerted Care Group's proposed uses of the Lodge and Village Center parcels represented a permitted use under the Cordillera PUD.
The Rule 106 litigation is in the preliminary phases and Eagle County has not yet responded to the Complaint filed by the CPOA/CMD (or to the Complaint filed by the Bensons).  We will provide a copy of the County's answer once it is filed. 
Going forward, we will provide updates as substantive pleadings are filed, hearings are scheduled or other substantive activity takes place (and will otherwise suspend the weekly Lodge Updates). 
Happy Thanksgiving.
Rachel Oys, General Manager