Update on Pending Sale of Lodge and Spa at Cordillera

Tuesday, September 13
Dear Property Owners,
Yesterday, our legal counsel submitted a comprehensive position statement in support of the appeal of Eagle County's Managing Director of Community Development's interpretation of the Cordillera PUD and amendments made to the PUD in 2009 to Eagle County.
CMD and CPOA's position statement as well as the supplemental submissions from Concerted Care Group to Eagle County are attached below.
In addition, we have provided a briefing document and subsequent questions and answers to help better inform the community of our position and timeline.
A hearing is scheduled before the Eagle County Board of County Commissioners on September 20, 2016 at the Eagle County Government Building located at 500 Broadway Street in Eagle, CO. We are currently on the Board of County Commissioner's agenda at 4:00 p.m. There will be opportunity for public comment.
Residents of the Cordillera Community are encouraged to attend the County Commissioners hearing to participate in the public process and make their views known.  We understand that time for public comment may be limited, so anyone who wishes to speak should plan on making their comments in a concise and straightforward manner.  Finally, we encourage all who speak, to be respectful not only to the County Commissioners, but to all parties and individuals participating in the hearing.  

CMD/CPOA Position Statement in Support of Appeal of Director's Interpretation (Note: A DropBox window will appear in front of the document.  You can click on the X in the upper right corner or click on "No Thanks, continue to view" at the bottom to view the file.)

CMD/CPOA Position Statement --Select Exhibits  

Rachel Oys, General Manager