Update on Pending Sale of Lodge and Spa at Cordillera

Dear Property Owners, 

The County Commissioners held a hearing earlier this week on the appeal of the Director's Interpretation that CCG's proposed use of the Lodge is a use-by-right under the Cordillera PUD.  The County Commissioner voted to uphold the Interpretation - albeit with a modification that CCG's proposed use of the Lodge for addiction treatment services must be on an outpatient basis.  The County Attorney made clear that the County Commissioner's determination will not become final until the County Commissioners adopt a Resolution formally setting forth their determination.  It is anticipated that this Resolution will be adopted at a meeting of the County Commissioners in early to mid-October.  No public comment will be taken at such a meeting.
The CPOA and CMD therefore await the adoption of the County's formal Resolution before determining any further action to be pursued.  Nonetheless, in anticipation of the Resolution to come, the CPOA and CMD Boards met in executive session with legal counsel earlier this morning to obtain legal advice regarding potential options going forward.  The Boards did not take any action or make any decisions - and do not intend to do so until after the County Commissioners pass the Resolution.  
We will provide further updates once the County Commissioners adopt the Resolution. 

The full deliberations of the Eagle County Commissioners are available on ECO TV18 for your viewing.

Rachel Oys, General Manager