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 Pos-A-Bits                                 NOVEMBER 2012
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Christmas Giving
Christmas Gift!
Port Mann Bridge
Special Event
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Website Update
  • how to purchase the DVD Try on a Disability 
  • to listen to the interview Zosia had with Co-op radio 
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Do you need a quilt?bluequilt

Blue Quilt


The Langley Quilters Guild has donated several lap quilts for our members. They gave us a number of them in June and they were given out at our AGM.


If you are a member of LPAS and need a quilt please give Zosia a call at 604-961-0117 and make arrangements to choose one and pick it up. They are absolutely beautiful and in my opinion, they are WORKS OF ART. 


Thank you to the Langley Quilters Guild for your generosity!

Try on a Disbility  


The film is now up on our website and available for purchase at a cost of $20 plus shipping and handling. 


We are also selling the CD called D.I.M.E.S. by Lance King. This CD contains many inspirational songs including the two composed and sung by Lance on our film. The cost of the CD is also $20 plus shipping and handling.  


Both of these items are fundraising ventures, so please encourage all your friends to buy.They make nice Christmas gifts.


Please go to our website for both of these purchases!

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Keep current with all our upcoming events by checking the calendar on our website!

Can You Help?


We are an organization entirely staffed by volunteers; we need to raise money and attract volunteers to staff our events. 


If you like what we do and feel that this organization is of benefit to our community and can donate money and/or time we would welcome either or both.

Langley Pos-Abilities Board Members


Zosia Ettenberg - President Email 


John Hubbard - Vice President and working with our equipment donations Email


Ruth Austin - Secretary / Treasurer Email


Ken Hinton - Director Email 


Toni-Anne King - Director and print designer Email 


Tracy Boyd - Director and working with communications and photography and internet Email 


Travis Moore - Director Email 

Contact us:
Langley Pos-Abilities Society
#80 - 2270 196th St
Langley, B.C. V2Z 1N6


Thank you for your support this past year! We have been very active, helping a number of people in our community with assistive devices. It has been a joy to see their faces when they receive additional independence.


At this time of year many people look to give to a group or society as part of their Christmas Traditions. We are asking if we can be that charity of choice this year. We have had to start a waiting list for those in need because our funds have been depleted. Any help would be appreciated.


Even though we receive many of the items that we donate, we still have to repair and clean them, store them until we have the right candidate for the item as well as the costs of running a society, insurances, website costs and many others. When we receive donations from other societies such as the Rotary Club, the Lion's, the Kinsmen, the City and Township of Langley those moneys are specifically donated for specific events or programs and cannot be used for the running of the society. We have no paid staff, everything is done through volunteers and their dedication.


Therefore we need money now. If you can find it in your heart to donate some money to our society, please do so. Cheques should be made out to Langley Pos-Abilities Society and mailed to # 80 - 2270 - 196 St., Langley, BC V2Z 1N6 or call 604 951-0117 and pay with VISA or MasterCard or 

  Donate today!

click on this donation button and pay with PayPal.


Do you need a quilt? See below  for all the details! 


The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal is being awarded on Nov 24. Click here to read more!


Thank you everyone!



Port Mann Bridge Update
Portmann Bridge


EXCITING UPDATE!                  


Immediately following our last newsletter I received a telephone call from Greg Johnson of the Transportation Investment Corporation to inform me that he has read our newsletter and that he acknowledges that they need to make some changes to the exemptions for people with disabilities and the Port Mann Bridge.


The new information is listed below. It looks now as if there is no discrimination among those of us with disabilities. There are 3 ways: PWD; CPP DISABILITY OR DOCTOR'S NOTE. To my way of thinking this seems to be a fairer way to all concerned.


Who is eligible for a persons with disabilities toll exemption on the Port Mann Bridge?


A driver with a permanent disability may be exempt from paying tolls on the Port Mann Bridge so long as they complete an application, register for a TReO account and are the registered owner of their vehicle.


To qualify for a Person with Disabilities toll exemption, drivers will need to be designated as a Person with Disabilities with the BC Ministry of Social Development, or be receiving CPP disability benefits.


Alternately, they can have a signed and stamped physician's certification stating they have a permanent disability.


How can people apply for the toll exemption?


People can download the Persons with Disabilities Application Form from the TReO website.


They can send the completed form and relevant documentation to TReO by mail, email or fax.


Alternatively, they can drop off this form in-person at one of the TReO Customer Service Centres.


Please visit for locations and hours of operations.


Or you can call TReO at:

  • 604-516-TREO (604-516-8736)
  • 1-855-888-TREO (1-855-888-8736)
Special Event Coming up
Langley 2-4

A few months ago we did the Langley 2-4 where we tried to break several Guinness Book of World Records. Danny Halmo did succeed in breaking the 2 hour relay and the trip across the country on an ebike. However we did not break the one with the largest number of electrical vehicles in a parade. So we are planning on trying again. 


The people who participated thought it was great fun and promised to bring more people out if we did it again. This time our plan is to do it in and around Douglas Park so it would be easier for power wheelchairs and scooters to come as a lot of people who use them live in the area. You don't have to be disabled to be in the parade, you just have to drive a vehicle. 


We are looking to have displays, food, and a concert in the park as well. We will need many volunteers for this event starting with the organization and on the day itself. So if you are interested in participating or volunteering for this event please get in touch with us. 


We also would like to have a tent for people with disabilities who use their talents to make items to sell, to have the opportunity to do so. 

Late Breaking News!
Zosia Ettenberg


On Saturday November 24th Zosia Ettenberg, President and Founder of Langley Pos-Abilities Society will be awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. 


These medals were created in order to provide an opportunity to honour exceptional Canadians for their contributions to their fellow citizens, to our communities and to our country. 


Congratulations Zosia!