Boom raise/balloon float is
still scheduled for tomorrow - please read
Good afternoon,

I've received confirmation from Homeland Towers that the planned visual field work at Richards Road and Bald Hill Road tomorrow Saturday, January 18 th , 2020 , will take place with two minor changes.

They will start one hour earlier, at 8:00am, and have changed the height of the crane boom to 154'. The simultaneously balloon float at the Bald Hill Road site will still take place, and the timeframe of 4-5 hours is the same..

As members of the public may be in the area to view the boom and balloon, please keep in mind the safety and privacy of others, noting that both sites are on private property,

Most importantly, please maintain situational awareness if driving in the area, and stay alert to other vehicles and possible foot traffic.

Please reach out if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Jean Conlon Speck, First Selectman
on behalf of the Kent Board of Selectman
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