Dear RAAM/RAW Racers & Crew -

Now that we have received the approval to start this year's RAAM and RAW in Oceanside, it has been a mad scramble to put all the pieces in place to ensure the event is run smoothly and safely. As mentioned in our prior email, in order to secure our permit from San Diego County, we were required to submit a Safe Reopening Plan. With this plan, we have revamped most of the pre-race check-in procedures in accordance with the COVID-19 Guidance: Community Sporting Events issued by the California Department of Public Health, and are being implemented in order to minimize prolonged contact between participants, staff, and volunteers. Information provided in this email will supplant information and procedures outlined in the RAAM and RAW Gear Books. It is important that you read this email in detail and know all the new procedures prior to your arrival in Oceanside. This will help the check-in process go smoothly for everyone - racers and crew, the RAAM staff, officials, and volunteers.

Please note, all pre-race activities (check-in, rider photos and RAAM store) will take place in the Harbor Parking Lot 1, 498-100 Riverside Drive, Oceanside, CA 92054. Do not go to the Junior Seau Beach Community Center, located near the Oceanside Pier. Below is a map of where the pre-race activities will take place, and directions from the race start location.
General Procedures
All racers and crew must adhere to the following when in Oceanside.

  1. Proof of a Negative COVID test within 72 hours or proof of vaccine will be required for all racers and crew at check-in. Copies of negative test results or vaccine cards will be collected at check-in. See below for the specific form to include with these copies.
  2. Participants will be required to wear masks at all times while interacting with event staff and volunteers, in accordance with CDC and California Department of Public Health Guidelines.
  3. A phone number must be provided for each racer and crew (to be collected at check-in), to be used for contact tracing if needed.
  4. Racers and crew will only be allowed in the event areas while conducting their scheduled tasks.
Check-in Procedures
Check-in will now be done on a scheduled appointment basis. Three entrants (solo racer or team) will be scheduled every 20 minutes for check-in. Entrants will need to schedule their check-in time in the RRS.

The schedule for check-ins will be as follows:
  • Saturday, June 12 - 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm (RAW & Solo RAAM only)
  • Sunday, June 13 - 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (RAW & Solo RAAM only)
  • Wednesday, June 16 - 9:00 am - 12:00 pm (RAAM Teams)
  • Thursday, June 17 - 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (RAAM Teams)

Check-in will limited to two people per entry.  It is highly recommended that the crew chief attended check-in. Only two people (one entry) will be allowed in the check-in area at any given time.

All pre-race documents must be turned in at the time of check-in. The will include copies of the following:
  • Proof of Age (racers)
  • Vehicle Insurance Agreements
  • Proof of Vehicle Insurance
  • Driver's License Agreement
  • Driver's Licenses (crew)
  • RAAM/RAW Waivers (racers & crew)
  • San Diego Waivers (racers)
  • Arizona Waivers (racers & crew)

In addition, you must provide at check-in proof of vaccination or proof of a negative COVID-19 test for all racers and crew. Use the form provided below.

Note: you will not need to turn in the vehicle and bike inspection forms (see below). You will turn in your final Clearance to Race form only after all other tasks have been completed.

It is the responsibility of the crew chief or other designated crew member to turn in this documentation organized and complete. There will not be a copier at the check-in table. We reserve the right to issue a penalty should you arrive at check-in unprepared or if the documents are completely disorganized.

Starting this year, we are offering the option of emailing all pre-race documents to us prior to arriving in Oceanside. To do so, all documents must be complete and transmitted in a single PDF file. Incomplete documents or those sent in multiple files will not be accepted. You may email your file to jeff@raceacrossamerica.org no later than Monday, June 7th.

Pro-tip: Purchase a three-ring binder in which to organize the documents, and use tab dividers to separate and identify the various sections. In order to assist those who will be doing this for their entry, we have separated the various Clearance to Race Forms into individual files, and are provided below. The full packet of Clearance to Race Forms can be found under Resources on the RAAM and RAW websites.
Inspections (and other Rule reminders)
There are big changes in 2021 for the Bicycle/Vehicle Inspections at the starting location – there are none! It will be the responsibility of the crew chief to make sure all support vehicles, media crew vehicles, and bikes have the proper set-up. Both the Vehicle Inspection and Bike Inspection forms can be found in the Clearance to Race Forms, and are provided below. It is highly recommended that crews use these form to self-inspect prior to the start of the race to ensure everything is correct. 

RAAM Officials will be vigilantly looking for vehicle set-up infractions on the road from the first mile. In addition, there will be a zero-tolerance policy regarding the enforcement of the following infractions; PENALTIES WILL BE ISSUED WITHOUT WARNING FOR THESE INFRACTIONS.  Enforcing these rules helps to ensure the safety of racers and crews, and also helps to ensure the integrity of the race with the communities we travel through.

1.    Five-Foot Rule:  all support vehicles must park at least five-feet to the right of the fog line or the edge of the pavement when stopped to provide racer support. If there is no spot to park that allows parking five feet to the right of the fog line or pavement edge, KEEP GOING UNTIL THERE IS A SPOT TO PARK ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE ROAD WHERE THE DRIVER’S SIDE OF THE VEHICLE IS AT LEAST FIVE FEET TO THE RIGHT OF THE FOG LINE OR THE PAVEMENT EDGE.

2.    Leapfrog Support:  Leapfrog support is mandatory during daytime hours in California, part of Arizona, and in Colorado; please read and know the rules regarding mandatory leapfrog and direct-follow support.

3.    Roof-Mounted Amber Flashing Lights:  Roof-mounted amber flashing lights are to be used on support vehicles both night and day.  It is the responsibility of the crews to ensure amber-flashing lights are working and visible only from the rear for a distance of 500 feet.  Losing a light, dead batteries, or having an open tailgate are not acceptable reasons for non-visible amber flashing lights at any time.

4.    Bicycle-Mounted Headlights and Taillights: Bicycle-mounted white headlights and red taillights must be turned on and visible from 500 feet any time a racer is on the road.

5.    Use of RAAM Issued Signage:  RAAM issued numbers, windshield banner, and “Caution Bicycles Ahead” signage must be affixed to all vehicles as specified in the “Gear Book” and in the “Rules.”

6.    Traffic Laws:  All traffic laws must be followed and a penalty will be issued when infractions are observed by a Race Official even if a citation is issued by a law enforcement officer.  These laws include, but are not limited to, impeding traffic by a racer and/or crew and running a stop sign or stop light by a racer and/or crew.

There will be Officials at the check-in area. They will be there to answer any questions that you may have about vehicle, bicycle set-ups or any Rules questions that you may have.
Please remember that the role of RAAM Officials is to help ensure the safety of all of the participants, maintain a level playing field for all racers, and to maintain the integrity of the Race in the communities we pass through each year.

If you have any questions, please contact Russell Lee, RAAM Director of Officials via email at russell@raceacrossamerica.org
Photos still will be done on a scheduled appointment basis, and will be done outside in Harbor Lot 1. Photos will be taken of one entrant (rider or team) at a time, with one entrant waiting, at a minimum 6' foot distance in a marked area. Photos will be taken of the riders only. Support crews will not be allowed in the photo area.
The RAAM Store will be outdoors in the Harbor Parking Lot 1 North Corner. Four people allowed to shop at one time, with four people waiting outside the fenced area separated by a minimum of 6' on marked spots.

For riders who need to get their finisher's jersey sized. It is highly recommended that this be done immediately after their photo session. Riders at the store for this task will be given preference to enter the store.
Crew Chiefs Meeting
Mark your calendars. The Crew Chief Meetings will be conducted via Zoom on June 2nd and June 3rd. There will be no in-person meetings in Oceanside. We ask that all crew chiefs attend one of these Zoom meetings, along with one additional crew member or rider. We will be sending out more details regarding the exact times and other details in the coming weeks.
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