This Sunday, July 12 will be a "soft" opening of an 8:00am outdoor service so that we can gauge interest and attendance, as well as review spacial use and social distancing practices, registration. and the like; the hope being that we can use this week to hammer out any/all bugs. The service will be morning prayer at 8:00am in the Garden.

The following week will be our "grand reopening" which as stated in the letter above, will be Holy Eucharist on July 19 at 8:00 am. In the even of inclement weather, I plan on having the service in the main sanctuary. I will adapt the space accordingly to accommodate 30 people.

If you would like to attend this "soft opening" service, please use the link below to register.

Registration will closed at 30. If you are not able to register and would like to attend, please send us a email so we can alert you if there are any cancellations.