Dear APAP Members,

Yesterday in Spotlights, APAP's bi-weekly member newsletter, we noted that the Small Business Administration (SBA) reported that over 11,000 applications were submitted to the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant program.

Representing more than $12 billion in grant requests of the available $16.25 billion, these figures tell a promising story that most early applicants are likely to get funded and that monies may remain for those seeking supplemental grants.

We also let you know that the SBA reported that award dispersement would begin in late May, which constitutes a change to their initial announcement.
APAP's advocacy partners met with the SBA yesterday afternoon. Here are some key tips and takeaways we would like to offer:

  • The SBA expects to issue new, high-level data within the next two days regarding the status of applications received. This data is expected to appear on the Shuttered Venues web page, and will be updated on an ongoing basis. As of yesterday, 11,600 applications have been received. The SBA has specified that funds remain available for new applications.

  • This week and next, applicants may begin receiving notices if action is needed on an application. Specifically, applicants will be notified if corrections are needed on the Form 4506-T, or if the applicant is on the SBA's "do not pay" list. There will be an instruction sheet for filling out the Form 4506-T correctly and getting it back to the SBA. If an applicant is on the "do not pay" list, the applicant will be given 30 days to clear their status. In both of these circumstances, the applicant will not lose their place in line as long as a timely response is received.

  • While there is not a deadline for closing the application process, all are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Those that have opened an application but not yet submitted it are strongly encouraged to complete applications soon.

  • More information about the exact timing of the awards is still to be confirmed. The SBA is indicating that Priority 1 (those with revenue losses at 90% or greater) awards will be announced this month. It is important to note that the announcement of an award is the first step that then leads to fund disbursement. The number of disbursements per grant is based on risk assessment principles, and there will be no more than four disbursements per grant. Within a grant award, grant disbursements will be based on the receipt of required documentation and on accounting for funds spent to-date.

  • Information sessions will be held for grantees. Applicants are in the meantime encouraged to consult for some basics as the next steps in procedures for SVOG grantees will be similar.

  • Applicants are reminded that if there is an error in the application, the application can't be withdrawn, and a duplicate application is not allowed. SBA grant reviewers will be looking at the entirety of the application using highly intensive manual review process, and will take into account any explanation that was provided in supplemental documents uploaded by applicants.

Applications are still being accepted. Performing arts organizations, live performance venues, talent representatives and other potentially eligible applicants are encouraged to apply now.

APAP and our SVOG stakeholder partners continue to express concern around the transparency of the SVOG program and its processes as well as the expediency with which relief payments for other industries are being made versus that of live events. Efforts are underway to relay these concerns to a targeted group of influencers. 

We will continue to monitor this process and provide you the best information we have.
Thank you to our partners at the League of American Orchestras for helping put this summary together.

We are stronger together.

The APAP Team