Good afternoon MCPK Families,

Governor Murphy made the following announcement at noon today: All schools will remain closed for in-person instruction for the remainder of the school year – to protect the health of our children, our educators, and their families.

While this announcement is not surprising, upon hearing it many of us are feeling sadness, distress, frustration and so many other overwhelming emotions. Even though I believe it is the right decision, I am typing through my own tears right now. This is so hard, but we will continue to work together to support each other and give our kids the best experience we possibly can while we are apart. I want to thank you for continuing to support our school through this difficult time. We are very proud of the innovative and creative online curriculum our teachers are providing. They are working night and day to come up with new ways to keep kids engaged and learning.  We firmly believe that continuing remote pre-k through June is essential for our students, both for their academic and social-emotional development.  

We understand, from personal experience, how hard it is to help your children learn at home, while trying to do all that you need to do to support your family. We also know that as this pandemic continues to keep us at home, more and more of our families are facing financial pressure. For these reasons, we are going to reduce all June payments to the half day schedule for all tuition levels . If you pay tuition monthly, we will automatically reduce the May 15 th payment for June through your FACTS account. If you paid in full or in two payments, and would like a refund for the pm portion for June, please email Molly at .  Please also email Molly with any questions or requests in regards to extended care refunds or tuition donations.

If your family is not facing financial concerns, we ask that you consider donating the pm portion of your tuition for June, as many of you did with extended care fees. Your generosity has helped us continue to pay all of our staff through this academic year, including our extended care team. We will provide a thank you letter reflecting the amount of your donation for tax purposes.  All the money we raise right now, through tuition and donations, will go a long way toward ensuring the future of our school and our mission.

Please continue to reach out to our staff if you need any additional support. Our administrative team is here to help you with financial concerns, academic or social-emotional issues and any other challenge your family is encountering. If you or your kids are struggling with anything, do not hesitate to reach out. We are also grateful for all of the feedback and guidance we are receiving from parents—keep it coming. Ms. Gaither, Ms. DeVito and I will be starting zoom office hours this week for those of you, kids included, that would like some face to face time with us. We look forward to having some fun, celebratory time with your tomorrow at our Cinco De Mayo show on FaceBook. 

I am so grateful for all of you. We can make it through this—MCPK Together Apart. 

Stay safe and sane...

Ms. Amy