Update on Shir Libeynu’s Rabbi Search
As you may know, our congregation is going through a very important transition as Rabbi Goldberg retires and we seek a new spiritual leader. A committee was struck to consult with members and search for a new leader. The committee has now completed its work and reported to the Board of Directors. 
The majority view of the search committee is that Shir Libeynu should not hire a permanent new spiritual leader at this time. Its view is based on members’ input (contributed through the roundtable discussions) and extensive interviews with several candidates. The Board would like to thank all applicants for their interest in our shul. The committee recommended to the Board that it search for an interim leader to serve for one year to conduct Shabbat and High Holy Day Services. 
The committee felt that a transition period would give the congregation time to reflect on our vision for the future of Shir Libeynu, and to establish search criteria to ensure that the Rabbi we ultimately select will be the best possible fit for our community. 
The Board would like to thank the search committee for its hard work and accepts its recommendation. Five members of the original committee will continue to serve to search for an interim leader. They are Jamie Flagal, Amy Matchen, Jon Novick, Jonathan Silin and Ilana Teitelman. A new committee (potentially including some of the original members of the search committee) will be formed to search for our permanent leader. We will keep you updated on the work of both committees.
The Board and search committee would like to have more conversations with congregants on their vision for Shir Libeynu and their priorities for our future spiritual leader. We will schedule these conversations as soon as health agencies advise that it is safe to meet again.
The Board also invites you to suggest potential candidates for our interim leader. If you would like to suggest someone, please email us at  rabbisearch@shirlibeynu.ca.
Thank you to all congregants for your input, support and patience as we search for an interim leader and then a permanent new leader for Shir Libeynu. The Board believes this is the right process for our shul at this time. It will enable us to take a deep breath, and to move forward with greater confidence, imagination and wisdom.
Wishing you health and peace in this difficult time.
Board of Directors
Congregation Shir Libeynu