TRIP Update
TRIP will re-open with pickup on Monday only. If you have a student at school, your TRIP will be placed with the materials for your oldest student. If you do not have a student at OCCS, please come through the line in front of school between 9:00am-12:00pm. Enter the line from the West side of the building.

There will be two ways to order:
  1. You can place an order online. Orders must be placed by 8:00am on Monday. We strongly recommend paying online to simplify the pickup process. Note: If you already have a TRIP account, you most likely have online access.
  2. You can drop off a paper order on Monday with a check. You will then pick up the order a week later on Monday. You can access the order form from the school website at:

It is also recommended that you use ScripNow certificates as much as possible. ScripNow is a certificate that you can print from home or access from a smartphone. You must pay online for ScripNow and certificates are available to use immediately. I cannot guarantee that I will be able to keep some of the national vendors in stock and most of them offer ScripNow. See the screen shot below and notice the different tabs that might be available for each vendor: Physical Card, ScripNow, and Reload. Note: Most of the local businesses are only available as a physical card.
Please contact Kim Vande Zande with any questions at