January 24, 2023

Dear LT School Community,

We are writing to share an update on the Board of Education’s process to explore the sale of the Lyons Township High School District 204-owned Willow Springs property. 

At its meeting on Monday, January 23, the board voted to reject two bids the district received at its public bid opening on January 11, due to the bids not conforming to the approved terms and conditions. The bids were $46.5 million from ProLogis, Inc. and $55 million from Bridge Industrial, Inc. 

Please know that the board remains committed to exploring the sale of the Willow Springs property and will continue to communicate and negotiate with all interested parties that meet the board's approved minimum sale price.   

In June 2022, the board adopted a strategic plan, which sets the vision for the district and outlines the goals toward achieving that vision. One of the goals is to allocate the resources necessary to maximize success for all students. If the board decides to sell the property, proceeds from the sale would allow the district to make key investments and upgrades to its facilities and contribute to demonstrate progress toward achieving this goal.

The objectives of future facilities updates would likely include:
  • Modernization of existing classrooms to meet 21st century learning needs
  • Development of additional collaborative spaces for students and staff
  • Accessibility and life safety upgrades
  • Improvements and additions to student and community athletic and wellness facilities
  • Upgrades to HVAC systems and further installation of air conditioning for improved temperature control

To learn more about this process, please visit www.ltwillowspringsproperty.org. We will continue to keep the LT community updated as we move forward.


Lyons Township High School District 204 Board of Education
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