June 16, 2020

Dear students, conservatory faculty and staff,
I promised you on June 3 when we shared CIM’s Start with Music plan for the fall 2020 semester that we would update you once our academic partners at Case Western Reserve University announced their academic calendar.
In brief, CWRU has set their calendar with the same basic structure as CIM’s classroom instruction – CRWU classes will take place from August 24 through November 20 with a blend of online and in-person instruction, then shift exclusively online for a final week of instruction and exams after a weeklong Thanksgiving break. Note that CWRU classes will meet on Labor Day, and CIM students will be expected to attend; CIM classes will not meet on Labor Day.
We strongly recommend CIM students take their CWRU classes online, in order to minimize the risks associated with being in contact with a larger number of people. Students enrolled in courses that have a strong inclination towards in-person delivery (such as languages or dance) will be able to take those courses in-person if that option is offered, and dual degree students should follow the CWRU recommendations for their courses. A few seats remain for undergraduates in CIM’s new “Physics of Music” class, being taught online by Dr. Alex Cooke. This course fulfills the science general education requirement or can be taken as an elective. 
CIM’s online conservatory FAQ has been updated to reflect this new information. Included below is a graphic representation of the key dates; please consult the full academic calendar for fall for more details. 
We continue to work on more comprehensive updates in a number of key areas, and I look forward to sharing more details with you in the coming weeks.  
Judy Bundra, PhD 
Chief Academic Officer and Dean