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May 1st, 2020

Throughout the school year, in good times and bad, I talk with my staff about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. As educators, we want to help our students achieve and live in the upper levels, and in particular the upper-most level: self-actualization.

However, we know that our students cannot focus their mental, physical, or emotional energy into self-actualization until all of the other needs are met. Right now, it is hard for all of us to meet all of those needs and not just for ourselves, but also for those around us. I see our students, parents, and staff working to support each other and I appreciate all that you are doing.

One way we can help one another, and help ourselves, it to rethink the questions we ask. We usually ask our family and friends “how are you doing?” Next time, try asking one of the following questions.
  • What is something interesting that happened to you today?
  • What made you smile today?
  • What are you most excited about this week?
  • What did you do to take care of yourself today?
As we continue to shelter in place, you may help a loved one focus on the positive and feel like they moved into a higher level of Maslow’s Hierarchy. 

As we get closer to the end of the school year, we are working diligently with our staff, health officials, and state leaders to provide you with clarity about what these last few weeks will look like. For our students who are still in need of testing for those important credentials, we will have information coming to you soon about how you will be able to take those tests in a safe and socially distant way. Following executive orders and legislation, we have worked with the Delaware General Health District to identify program areas which are considered to be essential careers. 

Beginning next week, adult students who are taking a program considered to be essential will be back in the building to continue their courses. If you pass the building, you may see activity, cars in the parking lot, and adult students on our campus. We are following all the required safety protocols, including but not limited to, safe social distancing, wearing masks, self-health checks before entering the building and following a strict regimen of cleaning after every class. We continue to work with leaders to determine when our current seniors will be able to return to complete certification requirements.

In addition, Mr. Gaskill has been working diligently to provide you with more information about the end of the school year. Please take a moment to watch his video message below about our Senior Ceremony, obtaining your completion certificate, and picking up other necessary documents or items you may have left behind at the school.

Stay safe and stay strong.
Best Regards,
Mary Beth Freeman
Delaware Area Career Center
Message from Mr. Gaskill:
Important Dates to Remember:
Please watch Mr. Gaskill's video for more details about each date.

May 18th: Senior Ceremony Launch
May 19th: Senior-Only Materials Pick-Up
May 20th & 21st: Sophomore & Junior Materials Pick-Up 
A message from the DACC Media Center:

Thank you to students and staff for keeping in touch and using remote Media Center services.

This week students with books checked out will receive an email at their account detailing their current checkouts (DACC materials and/or interlibrary loans) and providing an update on the return process. For now, DACC and our local libraries are not accepting returns new systems for sanitizing electronic and paper-based items are in place, but please encourage students to check their email for updates.
Thank you for your flexibility. We would like nothing more than to get new materials to you! For a short lesson from the DACC MC on how to check out eBooks and audiobooks to read and listen to at home, please see this link
The Delaware Area Career Center (DACC) affirms that equal opportunities are offered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, military status, national origin, disability, age and ancestry of person. No person shall be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination under any educational program or activity conducted under its auspices. This shall extend to employees therein and to admission thereto. Inquiries concerning the application of the policy may be referred to the Superintendent or designated coordinators. This policy shall prevail in all Board Policies concerning school employees and students.