Dear Alumni, Friends and Supporters,

We are sharing the statement issued today by the 73rd Japan-America Student Conference (JASC) about its innovative plans for this summer’s Conference in light of continued restrictions on international travel. This was drafted by JASC’s Executive Committee (the sixteen elected student leaders for the 2021 Conference).
It is exciting to see how the students are adapting by arranging for each Delegation, US and Japan, to gather together within their own country, and hold joint virtual meetings from their bases in Aomori, Fukushima, and Honolulu. They are building on last year’s historic entirely-virtual Conference and paving new ground.

This innovative format comes with many opportunities for JASC and for you. Please contact us if you want to become involved with the 73rd JASC, especially if you reside in Hawaii, Aomori or Fukushima and want to help or participate. Thank you for your friendship and ongoing support!

Your Friends at International Student Conferences, Inc.

Projections indicate that 2021 will continue to present very difficult economic challenges for nonprofits this year. We hope you will talk us up to funders and help keep us forefront for support.