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We have some updates to share.

Consultant Hired

We have now retained the engineering firm D.M. Wills Associates Limited to undertake a detailed inspection  of the truss bridge and the dam. This work will include a structural assessment and a concrete assessment with core sampling and detailed surface mapping. Pandemic safety procedures are now required to perform this work, but we do expect it to take place over the next week. We anticipate receiving the assessment report by the end of June 2020.

Correspondence with Province of Ontario

We have now received acknowledgement from the Province of Ontario that they have received our correspondence seeking clarification on the Dam ownership issue.

What will happen next?

Once we’ve received the final engineer’s report it will be shared. A series of options for moving forward will be developed based on a review of associated costs and measurable benefits. Options, ownership and costs will then be discussed with all necessary parties, including the community.

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Director, Corporate Communications and Engagement
Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority
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