February 1, 2021
NHFC Board meets to discuss future tours
We are all feeling optimistic, now that many of our members are beginning to receive the covid vaccination. However, there is still a long way to go until all of us--and all of the world--has the vaccine. But it's a start!

After careful deliberation among the NHFC board of directors, and in consultation with Rick Bogin of Plymouth Travel, we intend to have our next tour late June to early July, 2022. As to where we go, that will be decided by the board this coming August, so that we can keep current on the constantly changing world events and safety concerns. But we will go somewhere!

Stay Tuned!
In-person Annual Meeting
Mark your calendars for Sunday, September 19, 2021 for an in-person Annual Meeting at an outside venue, probably in Plymouth, NH. We are hoping to do some singing together, under the direction of Dan Perkins, of a collection of "NHFC Greatest Hits!"

More details to follow.
NHFC Bulgaria
The Self-Isolation Choir Performance
Several of our members, including Carol Stewart, Amanda Simeone, and Suellen Davidson, have been practicing and performing in this world-wide, virtual choir since last spring. Their next performance of Elijah, by Felix Mendelssohn, will take place later this month, and should be a wonderful concert to enjoy. The links below will allow you to experience this beautiful piece of music at a time most convenient for you..

Elijah World Tour on 13th February 2021

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