Dear Church Leaders and Financial Officers,
Financial aid to congregations due to the coronavirus is coming in many forms, and some have quick deadlines.  We are sending this information by email to keep you informed, so that your sessions and congregations can act quickly and thoughtfully.  Check Fresh Impressions weekly for updates.
The CARES Act loans for the Payroll Protection Program are now available, with applications being taken starting today.  The loan is designed to help you continue covering staff payroll, as well as rent/mortgage/utilities and interest on debt.  The loan can be forgiven entirely under certain conditions.  This brochure explains the broad parameters of the act.  The application form and a  loan calculator  are also provided here.  Because the loan program is likely to be oversubscribed and dollars will be disbursed on a first come-first served basis, you should consult your bank and accountant as soon as possible, if you think you'll need to take advantage of this program.
The Board of Pensions today announced relief from dues payments for healthcare and pension expenses paid by congregations.  Pastor dues can be waived for congregations under 300 members for 3 months, deferred for other staff for 2 months, and deferred for congregations with over 300 members for 2 months.  Congregations must be facing "extreme need" and must work with their presbyteries and the BOP to be determined as eligible. 
The Presbyterian Mission Agency has announced  COVID-19 grants and Matthew 25 emergency grants for projects that:
  • Support communities that have been unfairly disadvantaged due to discrimination and/or limited or no access to recovery resources.
  • Support refugees or asylum seekers who may be negatively impacted due to limited or no access to other recovery resources.
  • Support for developing new approaches/activities with refugees and asylum seekers due to COVID-19 policies and related constraints.
  • Support activities/programs that address the underlying systemic and structural forces contributing to the unjust impact of COVID-19 on certain congregations and/or communities.
  • Support activities/programs that are focused on long-term sustainable solutions and are designed to mitigate the adverse impact of a future event.
  • Support vital services that are at risk of being discontinued
The   emergency grant application deadline is April 30, 2020, and it must be submitted through the Presbytery.  Please be in touch with Ann Gibbs, agibbs@pbymilwaukee.org for more information or to begin the application process. 
Now more than ever we must be the Church.  These funds will help us do just that.