Medical Education
Dear Class of 2025,
We are writing to provide an update on some of the activities of Launch Week, now just a few short days away. 
As some of you have likely heard, earlier this week the CDC issued new guidance calling for masking of all individuals (not just unvaccinated individuals) in most indoor settings. Yesterday, they released some of the data that led to issuing this recommendation, and the data are concerning for the transmissibility of the delta variant of COVID, particularly (and notably) in fully vaccinated individuals. We are reassured by the fact that vaccination does seem protective against more serious consequences of COVID infection, even with the delta variant. 

We are still awaiting campus and local guidance on the greater repercussions of the data and the CDC guidance on our operations in the educational setting. Given the fact that we do not yet know the vaccination status of all of our incoming students, we are making the decision to make many of the activities of Launch Week remote this year.  

  • The Games in the Park activity on Sunday 8/1/21 is still going to be in person, as this will be outside, and masks will be required.

  • All sessions on Monday will be virtual except for the campus tour.

  • Differences Matter Orientation will also be virtual.

  • We are adjusting other activities and will provide you with an update on those as soon as we can. Your Ilios calendar will be updated this weekend with the appropriate zoom links for Monday. 

We recognize that these decisions will be disappointing and frustrating for many of you, but please know that we did not make them lightly, particularly given how hard we have worked to advocate and plan for in-person activities this year. 
As always, we appreciate your compassion and understanding as the COVID pandemic continues to evolve. 
We look forward to seeing you at Games in the Park on Sunday and online on Monday. If you have any questions, please direct them to

Thank you,

Catherine R. Lucey, MD
Vice Dean for Medical Education
Executive Vice Dean for the School of Medicine

Medical Education Deans
UCSF School of Medicine

Catherine R. Lucey, MD
Vice Dean for Medical Education
Executive Vice Dean for the School of Medicine

Michelle A. Albert, MD, MPH
Associate Dean for Admissions

Peter Chin-Hong, MD
Associate Dean for Regional Campuses

John Davis, MD, PhD
Associate Dean for Curriculum and Interim Associate Dean for Students

Karen Hauer, MD, PhD
Associate Dean for Competency Assessment and Professional Standards

Kevin H. Souza, MS
Associate Dean for Medical Education