October 16, 2020
Dear Kona Kai Members,

The County recently updated the pool guidelines and removed the previous capacity limit of 10 people. We still will be following all of our procedures for reservations and staying safely separated but now you don't need to worry about the number of people who are signed up to swim. Of course, this is subject to change per county guidelines.

A few other pool related reminders:
  • Each family may sign up for one Prime Time (3 and 4:30 pm) family swim slot per week Mon. - Fri.
  • Each family may sign up for one weekend family swim slot Sat./Sun.
  • Lane 3 is lap swim only for one person at a time during family swim time
  • Each family may request a 4th lap swim or family swim (same day only) slot per week by contacting the office at office@konakaiclub.org or calling 408-984-8880.
  • Each family may make three reservations for the main pool and three reservations for the wading pool per week through Skedda.
  • No longer limited to 10 people in the pool
  • Please cancel reservations if you will not use them. Repeated no shows are cause for temporary suspension to make reservations.

Click here to read Phase 3 Pool Rules

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.
Thank you,
Sharon Schedler
Club Manager