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Make sure your Panda account is protected!

Make sure your account with us is updated and protected by disabling any staff who have left your company or who should not have access to your account anymore.

If you have created more than one staff in your account, please check it, make sure you have the right people active and disable those who are redundant.

Quick reminder : log in to with the same log in and password you use to go on to place your orders.

Go to the General Tab and choose Users. This will show all the users who have ever been added by yourselves with a green tick under Enabled User if they are still active.
If you want to disable a user, click on the little yellow pen icon on the right and in the dialog box which will now open, untick the Enabled User situated on the left hand side of the screen under Role.

If you have any difficulty, drop us an email and we will help.

Order - Pay - Issue/Receive, it's as simple as that
E-tickets and physical tickets available
Did you know?
We also offer City Cards, City Sightseeing tours and Single Attractions?
I n our office we speak English, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Hungarian, Romanian and Japanese.
With our state of the art platform, you can create multiple users as well as your own clients' companies accounts.
Good to know
E- formatted tickets can be
emailed directly to your client’s
inbox, or to your own inbox.
A copy will automatically be
saved in your issued e-ticket
store. Physical tickets are sent
worldwide to local offices via


Call us on +44 1256 374299