Christ the King Daycare must wait for the Department of Health to permit all daycare centers to open. Please keep in mind our building has been open and cleaning and disinfecting procedures have been happening on a regular basis. We will be prepared to open once the DOH decision has been made. Once we have an opening date, you will receive a tuition invoice with closure credits applied.

CK Kids Classes - Summer programs are permitted to open June 29th. As an extra precaution we will resume our CK Kids classes July 13th and run through August 7th. During the week of August 10th, we will hold private class recitals, karate belt tests and awards for all classes. Due to social distancing and cleaning requirements some changes have been made to the schedule and location of classes. Please see below for the full class schedule. We thank you for your patience during these uncertain times and apologize for the schedule changes. We know the students are eager to get back to class and we will do so with their safety as our top priority. Please see below for the new safety guidelines we will be following.

All CK Kids Classes
  • All staff and students will have a temperature check at the time of arrival
  • Classes will run for 50 minutes to allow for cleaning between the classes
  • Instructors will wear masks
  • It is optional for the student to wear a mask
  • Students must use hand sanitizer before entering the class and when the class is finished
  • Water fountains will be closed, please bring a water bottle labeled with your child’s name
  • Bathrooms will be open but in an effort to reduce use we ask students to use the restroom before coming to class if possible
  • Bathrooms will be sanitized every hour
  • Locker Rooms will not be available, all students are to come dressed for class

Dance Classes
  • Studios will have tape boxes on the floor so students will stand 6 feet apart
  • All parents must drop off students the waiting room will be closed
  • Locker Rooms will be closed, all dance bags will be placed in the studio 6 feet apart

Karate Classes
  • Classes will take place on the CK Kids soccer field to allow for more space and ventilation
  • Students will be 6 feet apart and work on conditioning, form and technique
  • No sparring

Art & Cooking Classes
  • Classes will be held in the high school cafeteria to allow students to be seated 6 feet apart