Wednesday, March 25, 2020
Mayor's Office of Communications
Richard C. Irvin
Aurora Puts Non-Essential Businesses on Notice
AURORA, IL In an effort to reinforce the mandated closure of non-essential businesses through April 7, the City of Aurora is preparing to issue compliance notices for those in violation. 

“We have received complaints from employees who are justifiably concerned about working conditions amid the COVID-19 crisis,” said Mayor Richard C. Irvin. “We will determine if the business is essential as defined by the State, and, if so, what social distancing and prevention measures are in place for operations.”

Concerned employees can contact the City of Aurora at 630-256-4636 or .

Once information is received, the City’s Law Department will make the determination if a business located within the City of Aurora is essential or non-essential. Non-essential businesses will receive a hand-delivered Notice to Comply and mandated to comply with the Governor’s Executive Order.

Business owners will have 24 hours to comply or appeal to the law department before corrective action is enforced, which could include 1) an order of closure issued by the state or local health department or 2) a civil and/or criminal liability.

“This is clearly a matter of life or death,” said Mayor Irvin. “COVID-19 is here in Aurora, and we will do whatever is necessary to reinforce the state’s guidelines for safety. We cannot have employees working in unsafe conditions and completing non-essential tasks just to meet the company’s bottom line. People are more important than profits.”