Rochester City School District
Media Advisory
April 6, 2021
Editor Contact:
Brendan O'Riordan
585.353.6390 (m)
District Seeking Feedback on
Zone Reconfiguration
Parents, students, staff, and community members participated in a public hearing on Monday, April 5 where options were presented for the rezoning of the Rochester City School District.

Currently, the District is divided into three zones, and students go to schools in zones where they live unless they have chosen a citywide school.

Dr. Shelley Jallow, the State Appointed Monitor to the RCSD, has proposed the District reconfigure its schools and that can have an impact on a number of factors including; where a child goes to school, how they are transported, and how the District uses its school buildings.

If individuals were unable to attend last night's public hearing, plan options can be viewed here and the hearing can be seen in its entirety at

Anyone interested in providing feedback on rezoning options can submit written feedback via an online form at

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