Dear Community Member

This year's National Latinx AIDS Awareness Day (NLAAD) is focused on addressing HIV in our communities and addressing HIV-related stigma. That's why Latino Commission on AIDS President, Guillermo Chacon, is speaking out about the importance of having inclusive and representative conversations that help destigmatize sexual health topics.

We are proud to announce that Guillermo has been featured alongside other community leaders in Gilead Sciences' #SpreadFactsNotFear campaign, which helps break down HIV stigma by sharing accurate scientific information and messages of support and inclusion with communities that are among those most impacted by HIV.

In Guillermo's three videos - available with Spanish and English subtitles - he encourages the creation of safe spaces through community-based peer-led programs, which can help people of all backgrounds feel comfortable having sex-positive conversations without fear of stigma. He also discusses the importance of having these conversations with inclusive and culturally representative healthcare providers.

This NLAAD, we invite you to watch and share Guillermo's videos, which can be found on the Gilead Sciences YouTube page, and encourage everyone to talk to a doctor about sexual health.