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Friday, February 17, 2023 / 26 Shevat 5783

Updated Shabbat News to Include Bimah Flower Sponsorship

(see Yahrzeit/Memorial Observance)

The Building is Closed on Sunday, February 20 and Monday, February 21 for Presidents' Day Weekend

*As a reminder, Beit Sefer will not be meeting this Sunday

Wow! I am so overjoyed at the impact of the last four weekends on so many of our youth and their parents.

January 19-22, our Kabbalat Torah high school seniors led by Rabbi Andrea London traveled to New York City to explore various types of Judaism and of course, to enjoy good food and a Broadway show.

In the words of the teens themselves:

"My highlight was going to the Jewish Heritage Museum. Seeing a picture of Nafatli Furst, a holocaust survivor I know, immediately made the experience personal. As we walked through the different exhibits, I reminisced about the stories he told me, and this made the visit a really powerful experience for me. Additionally, the museum taught me about the different Jewish diasporas that have occurred throughout the ages. I found it fascinating!" - Daniel Durango-Cohen

Owen Levens, gives us a glimpse into the impact this experience has on him.

"Our KT trip to New York felt foundationally powerful. Growing up in Reform Judaism in America in the age of the internet, it can be easy to mistake yourself as ‘a worse’ Jew than Orthodox or Conservative Jews. I went to Crown Heights and cried. I cried when we visited Central Synagogue. I cried at the Jewish History Museum. I teared up all these times, because it was so powerful to know that there were so many Jews practicing regularly and validly in their own way. Visiting those communities dissipated that 'real Judaism' fallacy for me; seeing how those Jews had their congregation they met at, their own schedule and practices, and their own Jewish community -- like me. It made me realize that my Judaism was exactly what they were doing -- just on a different schedule, in a different outside environment, with slightly different practices. We're all Jewish and all Jews are validly Jewish."

Then on January 27, our sixth graders went to Great Wolf Lodge for their Shabbaton. Before having a blast at the water park, they led Kabbalat Shabbat services and had a festive Shabbat dinner. Their parents and Rabbi London joined them the next morning for a full day to experience the Kabbalat Mitzvah Shabbat Morning service, learn about the preparation process, and explore the relevancy of prayer and Torah for them as kids and adults. In the words of one-sixth grader, what lingers is "playing at the water park, the movie, and bonding with everyone in my class."

In the words of Danielle Dodson, a sixth-grade parent: "As a parent, I felt that the Shabbaton offered an excellent orientation to the Kabbalat Mitzvah service and the preparation leading up to it. The discussion questions provided a meaningful opportunity to reflect on my own bat mitzvah and envision my daughter’s upcoming Kabbalat Mitzvah. It was wonderful to hear the students’ thoughts as they were challenged to think about the meaning of the Kabbalat mitzvah, and more broadly of Judaism in their lives. I know they also enjoyed the opportunity to connect with each other in a setting outside of Beit Sefer (especially one that included a water park!)."

The very next weekend our fourth and fifth graders and their parents joined our Beth Emet Kahal Shabbat morning service, which was followed by a very filling Shabbat lunch. Parents and kids then explored the Torah portion together, talking about 'complaining' and brainstorming other methods to share their needs and desires. The kids remained in Beth Emet for an afternoon and night of games, activities, good food and of course, a movie. The gaga pit was a key component of the Crown Room.

Parents expressed their appreciation for this experience together:

"I'd say it was fun spending time with other Beit Sefer families and reflecting together in a relaxed and welcoming Shabbat atmosphere" -Dan Lefkovitz

"It was really nice to connect with parents and kids for me - and Sam had so much fun at the sleepover! He talked about it for days after. Thanks to everyone who helped to make it so awesome!" - Leah Burstein

"After so much time apart because of Covid, I really enjoyed spending time with other 4th and 5h grade families"

-Judy Schachter

Our fourth weekend was our GESHER Retreat. This year, highlights included an excursion to the Museum of Ice Cream, a workshop by About Faces Theater, and programs led by their teacher Cohen Kraus and Abigail Backer, MSW, and a former Beth Emet Director of Youth Programming.

Our parents, our youth, and our alumni tell us that these retreats are not only memory makers. They soldify relationships and bonding among kids, build their Jewish pride, and push their ability to explore their own ideas and listen deeply to others.

What a privilege to witness learning and living with Beth Emet!

Shabbat Shalom


Marci Dickman

Director of Lifelong Learning

Worship Schedule

Friday, February 17

6:30 pm

Inclusion Kabbalat Shabbat Services with Pre-Recorded Guest D'var Torah by Rabbi Sandra Cohen

In-Person and Virtual (fusion worship)

In honor of JDAAIM, we are grateful to share a pre-recorded D'var Torah in honor of Inclusion Shabbat by Rabbi Sandra Cohen, “Creating a Caring Community: opening our doors to those with mental illness and their families”.

RABBI SANDRA COHEN is involved in mental health outreach in the Jewish community nationally. She uses traditional Jewish values and middot as a model for reaching out to those with mental health issues and their families. Those values, including compassion and respect, guide and inspire her work. She is a determined advocate for those with mental illness and their families. She sees her work as both opening the topic and continuing the conversation. Rabbi Cohen speaks openly about her personal journey with mental illness and applies that profound experience to her work. A primary goal is to support and educate spiritual communities, encouraging them to be more welcoming to the mentally ill. 

LiveControl Link

To listen to the service dial 847-869-4230 and press 7

Saturday, February 18

9:30 am

Kahal Shabbat Morning Service

In-Person and Virtual (fusion worship)

Zoom Link

Ph: 312-626-6799 | Meeting ID: 833 6362 0227 | Passcode: 1224

This Shabbat we will be reading:

Mishpatim- Shabbat Sh'kalim

Torah: Exodus 21:1-22:3,

p. 513, Follow Along Here

Haftarah: II Kings 12:5-16,

p. 1451, Follow Along Here

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10:30 am

Mayah Prawer-Stock Kabbalat Mitzvah

In-Person and Virtual (fusion worship)

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Kabbalat Mitzvah

Mayah Prawer-Stock

Saturday, February 18

Parents: Adam and Melinda Prawer-Stock

I attend Chiaravalle Montessori school. My favorite subjects are Language Arts and Social Studies. I love to dance, and I also play volleyball and act. This summer I’ll be attending Mosh Bet at OSRUI. It will be my sixth year there and the reason I keep going back is that I love it there. It’s wonderful to make Jewish friends from all over and feel a part of such a great community.  


For my G’milut Chasadim project, I am making and selling baked goods and crafts. I am donating the money I make to the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI). I chose this organization because it’s really important to me that people who are struggling with mental health receive support and resources. It’s also important to me that mental health and mental divergence are normalized so others don’t think it’s strange to be on medication or go to therapy. 


I’m looking forward to my Bat Mitzvah because I’ll be able to see family and friends who I haven’t seen in a while, and I’ll get presented with my tallis. 

Yahrzeit / Memorial Observance

Phillip A. Pollack

On this Shabbat we remember Phillip A. Pollack, Beth Emet Past President, on his 15th yahrzeit anniversary. The bimah flowers are sponsored in memory of Phil, and he is remembered by Roz Pollack, the Subeck-Pollack family, the Pollack-Valentin Family and the Pollack-Resnick Family.

On this Shabbat, we observe the first yahrzeit of:

Cheryl Higgins, sister of Janice Fleckman

Stephanie Adlort, mother of Joshua Aldort

Consider making a donation to Beth Emet in honor of someone special or to honor the memory of a loved one on their yahrzeit. A notification will be sent. Questions? Contact the office


Sunday, February 19

*As a reminder, Beit Sefer will not be meeting this Sunday*

9:00 am

Sunday Morning Minyan

Virtual on Zoom Only

Zoom Link

Ph: 312-626-6799- Meeting ID: 834 4048 4441 | Passcode: 1224

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