The Jewish Community of Southern Arizona joins other communities across the nation in expressing our grief and outrage over the killing of George Floyd. May his memory be for a blessing to his family and all those who loved him.

We join all who mourn Floyd’s death and the deaths of countless others killed because of racism, hate, and bigotry.

We stand in solidarity with our Black family members within and beyond the Jewish community to fight for racial equity and the rights of all people to live without fear.  
We must take bold action to uphold the most sacred Jewish value of pikuah nefesh , the sanctity of life. Our tradition prizes the preservation of life over all other values and obligations – and recent events call upon us and all communities of conscience to mobilize and demand justice.  The ethics of our ancestors remind us that, “it is not our duty to complete the work; but neither may we neglect it”. We are called to action and activism to champion the cause of racial equity for Black communities and communities of color and for all Americans.
Accordingly, the Black Student Union at the University of Arizona is convening a significant Celebration of Black Lives this coming weekend which welcomes participation from the entire community. Given the timing of the event and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, please consider individually your ability to support and/or attend this event. Moreover, in the coming weeks we look forward to promoting further opportunities for community action and engagement.

We support peaceful protest and free speech and decry the actions of those who engage in violence and wanton destruction.
We share in concern and sadness for the damage suffered by our local community and we stand ready to support our local residents and businesses.

While we pray for a more just, racially equitable, and peaceful world – we also recognize the critical role each of us must play in making it so.