March 8, 2017
You may have noticed that we recently updated our newsletter form. In the original version of the newsletter there was a technical difficulty with the links to the contact for emailed testimony.  Emailed testimony on the budget can be sent to, and emailed testimony on HB 123 and HB 25 can be sent to our office directly at These issues have been corrected in the updated version, and I apologize for the inconvenience. 
Learn more about opportunities to get involved in your community and stay informed about policy.

Critical Openings
There are two critical job openings with the state:
  • Office of Victims Rights is Seeking a Chief Victims' Rights Advocate.

  • The office of the Ombudsman is seeking a new Alaska Ombudsman.

The application deadline for these positions is April 3rd. Check out the details on Workplace Alaska.

Get Involved
Attend Monthly Community Councils
Come to Coffee!

My next  Second Saturday Coffee with Ivy is  Saturday, March 11th from 10am-11:30am at Waffle Rush at  6307 Debarr Rd. Ste A. Anchorage, Ak 99504

Thank You!
Thank you to everyone who made time to testify on the budget last weekend!  

This data chart represents the testimony of Anchorage residents.

You can still email your thoughts to

The hearing schedule is also posted on BASIS at the Alaska Legislature's website. Follow us on Facebook for more opportunities to testify.

You can find instructions on how to testify hereIf you need help figuring out how to testify, please call or email our office!

Budget Basics

I am a life long Alaskan. I have personally experienced the impact on our communities when oil revenues fluctuate. When times are good they're really good, but as soon as the price falls our community suffers. This fluctuation creates instability for families and for businesses.

It is time to set ourselves up for long lasting economic stability by utilizing a revenue stream that is constant. Generating revenue from a modest, progressive income tax will ensure everyone pays something for the services Alaskans are asking for.

At the Anchorage Caucus, you had an opportunity to have your thoughts heard on budget issues through the "Dot Vote." Below is a chart of your thoughts on how to balance the budget.

Opportunities to Testify
The House Health and Social Services Committee is hearing public testimony Thursday, March 9 at 3pm:
  • HB 25 requires insurance to cover 12-month birth control prescriptions

  • HB 123 requires medical price transparency in Alaska

You can testify by calling from the Anchorage LIO. Please make sure to participate in public testimony, if you can. We are listening and tracking your responses, so please join in this conversation.

If you are unable to make it to the Anchorage LIO, please email your testimony to my office at

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