Updated AP Exam Information
Exam Dates:

  • May 11 - May 22
  • Three exams per day spaced 2 hours apart (12, 2, & 4PM)
  •  Each subject exam will be taken on the same day at the same time
  • Students should make plans to take their exam on primary exam date
  • Makeup Exam Dates: June 1 – June 5
  • This will be the last time to make up an AP Exam

        All exams are open book/open note
  • May access class notes and class resources
  • Not permitted to incorporate work which is not the students’ own
  • May not consult with other individuals during the testing period
  • Most exams are 45 minutes long, with one or two free response questions
  • No separate online exam for ‘portfolio’ courses: AP Art and Design (2D, Art 3D, Drawing), AP Computer Science Principles, AP Research, and AP Seminar New submission deadline: May 26th. Instructions to follow on how to submit.
  • Use of a calculator is allowed and may be helpful although questions are designed such that required calculations can be done with a pencil and paper

For course specific details see: