May 18, 2020
Updated Affidavits Now Available - Notary Not Necessary
The Iowa Finance Authority is pleased to announce that the following affidavits have been updated and are now available for use: MRB 01, MRB 03, MCC 01 and MCC 03.

A Notary is no longer necessary when using these updated forms. When continuing to use the old forms a Notary will be required. Please note, the Notary requirement is only waived when using the new forms. 

The preferred method for obtaining these updated affidavits is through the borrower record in Lender Online, as the forms saved there are pre-filled with information. Blank affidavit forms can also be found on our website on the Homeownership Resources page and the MCC Resources page .

Please note: We expect new income limits to be out soon.
Please contact t he homeownership team with questions.