CPP Program - Key Updates
Updated Vaccine Pricing and Member Discounts
Recently, our vaccine manufacturer partners communicated some changes to their catalog pricing. Members trying to place orders before the pricing changes on Sanofi and Pfizer vaccines should note the bolded deadlines below.

  • New Merck pricing effective 11/10/2021
  • Addition of Vaxneuvance™, a 15-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine FDA approved for patients 18+
Sanofi Pasteur
  • New Sanofi Pasteur pricing effective 1/1/2022
  • Please note that the final shipping date of 2021 is December 15th.
  • Addition of Prevnar 20™, a 20-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine FDA approved for patients 18+
  • New Pfizer catalog pricing effective 2/23/2022

For updated pricing sheets, please contact the CPP office.

Don’t forget to access CPP’s price increase tools to help you manage through vaccine price increases. These include, but are not limited to, a budget impact worksheet, payer mix analysis and contact information for reimbursement support services available through the vaccine manufacturers.
New Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccines
Two new pneumococcal conjugate vaccines have been approved by the FDA for patients 18+ and are now incorporated into the CPP vaccine group purchase program:
Vaxneuvance™ (CPT 90671) – 15-valent vaccine available through Merck

Prevnar 20™ (CPT 90677) – 20-valent vaccine available through Pfizer
The ACIP voted on a routine recommendation for these vaccines during their October meeting and if confirmed by the CDC Director, it will be published in the MMWR and incorporated into the 2022 CDC Immunization Schedule accordingly.

Publication of the updated vaccine schedule typically signals to the insurance companies to begin covering their administration to patients. As with any new vaccine, we recommend that our members confirm adequate reimbursement is in place with their major payers before administering to patients. For reimbursement questions, please refer to the following hotlines:

              Merck: 877-VAX-MERCK
              Pfizer: 866-744-3198
New Partnerships
Anytime After Hours is the nurse triage solution that will provide nurse-first reassurance and guidance to your parents and remove the burden from you and your clinicians, keeping patients connected to your practice.

It’s clear that providing a reliable after-hours service is helpful for high-quality patient care. Here are three ways the Anytime Pediatrics after-hours nurse triage solution positively impacts your practice’s bottom line:

  1. Prevents Leakage
  2. Increases Revenue
  3. Improves the Patient Experience

Read the blog about 3 Positive Impacts of Anytime After Hours on Your Bottom Line and contact Tachita Saunders for more information. Be sure to let her know you are a member of CPP to receive the member discount. 
Medi+Products specializes in battery back-up systems for power supply to your vaccine storage equipment. All systems are customized to your specific setup and desired duration of the backup needed, ranging from 6-48 hours. This calculator helps illustrate potential savings based on how many power outages your practice experiences and average inventory value that is in the refrigerator at a given time.

CPP members can receive a 10% discount on their purchase by contacting Ian Lyons.

Please also remember that members who are investing in vaccine storage equipment, including backup power supply, can receive a grant from CPP up to $750.
Valuable Resources
COVID-19 Vaccine Administration Webinar Recording Posted
In October, CPP hosted a webinar to help practices think through operational considerations around administering COVID-19 vaccines in the office. Hear from the office manager of a member practice who has been administering vaccines to both kids and adults since April 2021 and how their practice addresses co-administration with other routine vaccines, vaccination clinic workflows, incorporating COVID-19 vaccinations into routine well visits, etc.

Our COVID-19 resources section has many other tools you can incorporate into your practice as well!

For those who are needing longer term ultra-cold storage, CPP members can access the following discounts:
K2 Scientific specializes in cold storage and has ultra-cold freezers for long term COVID-19 vaccine storage. Their smallest units are in stock and can ship anywhere in the US with white-glove delivery available in 90% of zip codes. CPP members can use discount code “USPeds2021” for a 14% discount upon checkout. For questions, please contact Sarah.
LogTag offers their full portfolio of temperature probes adapted for ultra-low temperatures. CPP members can access a discount through Global Sensors by entering the discount code of “CPP15” upon checkout. For questions, please contact Stephen Rader.
Important Dates
Upcoming Webinar

New Season. Same Threat. How will you help prevent more flu?

On December 8th, Sanofi Pasteur will be hosting a webinar that looks to achieve the following:
  • Reinforce the importance of influenza immunization for the current 2021-22 season
  • Highlight the impact of influenza on older adults and those with pre-existing chronic health conditions
  • Discuss current guidance on COVID-19 and influenza vaccines co-administration

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