Updated Collaborative Zoom Links
Dear Colleagues,

Our Zoom meetings have continued this week, but we know there have been some issues with locating and using the current links. This actually resulted in two simultaneous early childhood meetings last Monday, both with rich discussions!

Links were changed to protect security. The following links are current and will be active for the remainder of this week and for next week. Zoom sessions provide a chance to connect with colleagues, pose questions, share resources, and brainstorm ideas. They are inspiring as we witness the compassion, creativity, and brilliance of teachers . You are amazing!

Note the additional session tomorrow at 4:00 pm Pacific: Board member and school psychologist Jeff Lough will join us for a session on special education and student support.

The current zoom links can always be located on our website in addition to resources: website for COVID-19 resources:  http://publicwaldorf.org/news/covid-19/  

Please continue to send suggestions and resources to Chamomile Nusz (chamomile @allianceforpublicwaldorfedcuation.org) or Amala Easton ( Info@allianceforpublicwaldorf.org ). This is a public page; please be aware of that when submitting suggestions for content (and please do send suggestions!)
We look forward to Zooming with many of you this week!
In fellowship,
Liz Beaven, on behalf of the Alliance Board
Zoom Collaboration Schedule
Upcoming Zoom Collaboration meetings (all times Pacific, duration one hour). You can also find the links on our website .

Special Subject Teacher Meeting: Monday 3:00 pm:
Meeting ID: 930 2336 6327
Password: 243496
One tap mobile +19292056099,,93023366327#,,#,243496# US

Early Childhood Teacher Meeting: Monday 4:00 pm:
Meeting ID: 935 7537 5226
Password: 0HkKyA
One tap mobile
+13126266799,,93575375226#,,#,726753# US

Grades Teachers 1-3 Meeting: Tuesday 3:00 pm:
Meeting ID: 930 9959 7057
Password: 292869
One tap mobile +19292056099,,93099597057#,,#,292869# US

Grades Teachers 4-6 Meeting: Tuesday 4:00 pm:
Meeting ID: 920 6357 1325
Password: 0fqXZA
One tap mobile +16465588656,,92063571325#,,#,059963# US

Upper Grades/High School Teachers Meeting: Wednesday 3:00 pm:
Meeting ID: 969 4074 4819
Password: 830570
One tap mobile +19292056099,,96940744819#,,#,830570# US

Inner Work Open Discussion Meeting: Thursday 3 pm:
Meeting ID: 968 9981 2123
Password: 102184
One tap mobile +19292056099,,96899812123#,,#,102184# US

Special Education/Education Support Meeting: Thursday 4 pm:
Meeting ID: 941 9486 6411
Password: 4z96sG
One tap mobile
+16465588656,,94194866411#,,#,472362# US

Administration/Leadership Meeting: Friday 3:00 pm:
Meeting ID: 931 2414 9550
Password: 277774
One tap mobile +13126266799,,93124149550#,,#,277774# US
For more information:

Liz Beaven , Alliance President 
Amala Easton , Administrative Coordinator 

1000 River Rock Drive, Suite 218
Folsom, CA 95630

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