Good Afternoon,
As you well know, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation is rapidly changing. We do expect an acceleration in COVID-19 cases and are working quickly to ensure our system is responsive to our patients’ needs. During this unusual and challenging time, we thank you in advance for patience. Below are some updates regarding COVID-19 Testing and appointment postponements.

COVID-19 Testing

Reliant and other healthcare providers now have the ability to initiate COVID testing within our facilities. Up until this point, only the state Department of Public Health (DPH) could initiate testing. To determine who is eligible for testing, we are following DPH testing recommendations and using clinical judgment that allows us to expand DPH testing criteria when appropriate.  

While not everyone who wants or feels they should be tested will have access to testing at Reliant; our process does ensure that those most in need of testing will be tested.  When patients call our offices, we will ask questions that will help us to determine eligibility for testing.

Potential Appointment Postponement

Our responsibility and obligation as caregivers is to help keep our patients and employees safe. In an effort to reduce the risk of exposing patients and employees to Coronavirus, we are postponing appointments for some routine and elective procedures, when deemed appropriate by our physicians and clinical staff. Therefore, you may hear from our office if you have a scheduled visit.

Taking this step will help to limit the number of people passing through our facilities, which will help to slow the spread of illness. This practice aligns with the guidance we are receiving from the Center for Disease Control for reducing risk in healthcare settings.

If you have any concerns about a request to postpone your appointment, please let us know and a provider will contact you.

Please be sure to visit for updates, and we encourage you to rely on for the latest information about the Coronavirus outbreak.

Thank you,
Dr. Thad Schilling
Chief Medical Officer
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