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Dave Chapman runs Long Wind Farm in Vermont and is the Executive Director of the Real Organic Project. He is a founding member of the Vermont Organic Farmers. He has been active in the movement to Keep The Soil In Organic. He is proud to be a current member of the Policy Committee of the Organic Farmers Association. He served on the USDA Hydroponic Task Force. Dave serves in a Farmer position.

Spencer Fenniman is the Director of Farming Operations at Hawthorne Valley Farm, a 900 acre multi-functional organic and biodynamic farm in Ghent, NY. The non-profit Hawthorne Valley Association has for 50 years worked to renew soil, society and the self through education, agriculture and the arts. Spencer has managed fields and fertility since arriving in 2012, and took over the management of the farming operations in 2017. Spencer loves the daily challenges of working with the land. Farming takes deep knowledge, listening, creativity, dedication and great teachers. He lives in sight of the farm with his wife and 2 children.

Ango Sara Tashker has been an organic farmer and residential practitioner at San Francisco Zen Center since 2002. From 2007 she has helped lead Green Gulch Farm’s six-month Organic Farm and Garden Apprenticeship for people interested in integrating residential Zen Buddhist practice and hands-on training in organic farming and gardening. She loves that her every activity is the fertile ground of Zen practice: growing food, relating to community, being a mother, appreciating the breath and body. In fall 2011 she served as Shuso (Head Student) at Tassajara Zen Mountain Center with Abbots Myogen Steve Stücky and Sojun Mel Weitsman. She currently serves as Director of Green Gulch Farm.

Women Working for the Earth Summit
We are pleased to share information about an upcoming Summit hosted by the Organization of Nature Evolutionaries. Women Working for the Earth Summit: Restoring our Relationship with Nature.
Online event held in conjunction with Earth Day April 21-24, 2022
"We are in a time where we are unearthing humanity’s new potential on our planet. Many are seeking answers to how we can contribute to the cultural shift of our species — particularly in ways that are centered, grounded, and connected with the Earth. We hope to honor this vital impulse through the Summit by creating space (particularly for women) to give voice, bring awareness, share wisdom, collaborate, and inspire. The incredible lineup of speakers will include Winona LaDuke, Terry Tempest Williams, Linda Black Elk, Rosemary Gladstar, and Leah Penniman as keynotes, plus dozens of brilliant, inspiring women who are changing paradigms and establishing new paths forward with the Earth."
About the Temple of Understanding ECO JUSTICE FOR ALL Dialogues:
Special intimate discussions about the climate emergency with international ChangeMakers
ECO JUSTICE FOR ALL interviews (see our Youtube archive here) and dialogues are ongoing programs produced by the Temple of Understanding, incorporating our outreach in the area of environmental awareness and advocacy. We present a diverse range of perspectives, from scientific to spiritual views, on the climate emergency and offer a variety of solutions that we can all do easily and effectively in our everyday lives. World religious and spiritual visionaries, Indigenous leaders, scientists and social scientists, environmental activists, artists, musicians and writers, youth and elders, local and global people, all come together to address the urgency of the climate crisis through these ongoing interviews and dialogues.
Interview with Robin Hadlock Seeley Ph.D, Marine Ecologist, Maine, USA
This interview was recorded on April 7, 2022
Dialogue with Theresa Dardar, Jamie Bissonette Lewey, Dr. Riki Ott, Robin Hadlock Seeley.
Presented by the Temple of Understanding in collaboration
UN Committee on the Rights of Indigenous People
This event was recorded on March 21, 2022
"Mining in the Congo"
Dialogue with Audrey E. Kitagawa, J.D., Dr. Mindje Kolomba Bertin,
Father Ferdinand Muhigirwa,
Professor Mutombo Nkulu-N'Sengha, Ph.D.
Presented by the Temple of Understanding in collaboration
with the International Academy for Multicultural Cooperation
This event was recorded on February 25, 2022
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