This is the beginning of our economic recovery

After weeks of advocacy, the Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance said it’s encouraged to see COVID restrictions on businesses loosening.
The Alliance called for a sustained reopening process in order to promote the survival of regional businesses. The organization said all businesses should have the ability to reasonably operate with proper safety protocols in place, including wedding and banquet venues. The organization said it stands ready to support reopening discussions and will continue working with its member organizations and their member businesses on implementing the new order.

Updated MDHHS Orders Expand Restaurant Capacity, Increase Gathering and Capacity Limits, Allow for Expanded Visitation at Residential Care Facilities
Today, Governor Whitmer announced the issuance of an updated Gatherings and Face Mask Order. The new, loosened restrictions go into effect on March 5th and will remain in effect until April 19th

Please see full order HERE.

About the Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance
The Alliance exists to advocate for rural northern Michigan and move forward rural-centric business policy.

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