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Did you know there is an International Happiness Day!

Health and Happiness are key to living a joy filled life and Happiness is a perfect way to celebrate the beautiful season of Spring. A friend of mine, who I respect greatly, recently shared some powerful wisdom with me that I'd like to share with you today -
Ysmay Walsh wrote the following about happiness: "When I am unhappy, my business is unhappy. My clients suffer. My marriage suffers. My friendships suffer. My health suffers." 

She and I both believe there is something you can do about this and its starts with Taking Control of Your Health. Click here to read more on how to accomplish this.

        Finding Your Happiness is the Key to good health!

Figuring out what makes you happy is so important. One of the biggest pleasures for me in life is impacting my students--whether on the yoga mat or in nature. 

One Saturday a month, I have been hanging out with young people at Happehatchee Eco Spiritual Center, teaching them about how to protect one of our most precious resources - our streams, rivers and bay.  What we are learning may surprise you.

Here we are heading out with local high school students and FGCU volunteers for a day of monitoring the health of the River.  Click here to read full article and see more photos. 

Mother's Day, Prom and Graduation are around the corner


If you are looking for beautiful gifts and like to support local artists, come out to the Lee County Art Alliance Spring Art Affair  on Saturday, April 2nd, from 11 am to 6 pm. I will be featuring my new line of jewelry - beautiful, versatile and affordable.  I am sharing my space with another designer Maryline Lahaye  who has very beautiful pieces as well.


If you miss out on this event or live outside of the Fort Myers area, all of my jewelry is available in my Etsy Store. Favor my store and get 10% of your purchase when checking out by entering the following code: LOVEHLC10.

Six Ways I Use Essential Oils-- They Might Just Work for You!

I started using Essential Oils a year ago and they have made a wonderful difference in my life! I must admit when I started, I was skeptical and I was also confused about what they were, how safe they were and which oils to use for which conditions. But in my typical style, I decided to educate myself. I am now both a firm believer in their value, a user of at least 10 plus oils daily and a wellness consultant for doTERRA  Read More  about how I use doTERRA and what I can do to help you - click here now.

Yoga, Yoga Everywhere! Figuring out what is right for you!

Yoga has so many options! Whether you are deciding where you want to practice or what style of yoga is right for you, the dizzying array of choices can be confusing.  I'd like to take this opportunity to advise you on how to figure out yoga's role in your health. If you are confused about where you want to practice, I look at the pros and cons of each venue in this blog post. Click here to read full article and subscribe to my blog. 
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I only send out one newsletter a month. If you are interested in staying in closer touch with me, please consider subscribing to my blog on my website. If you live in Fort Myers,  I hope to see you on the yoga mat, the tennis courts or just around town. If you live elsewhere, I enjoy staying in touch over social media. 

Wherever you live, my hope for you is  health, joy  and beauty in  your day.  


Andrea Trank
Heaven Lane Creations 


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