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May 2018 Updates
Wow, May is almost over already! Where has the time gone? The staff and volunteers at the Sioux City Railroad Museum have been hard at work with school tours, event and education planning and continued work on our Grand Scale Train track. Continue reading for updates on our education programs, and upcoming events!
Educational Program Updates
Reading by the Rails

Our educational programs have been growing steadily. Reading by the Rails was held for the second month on May 5th. The turn out was great. Children enjoyed "How to Train a Train" by Jason Eaton. Join us next month, June 2nd for Our Little Red Caboose program!

School Tours

As the school year winds down and students and teachers look for opportunities for children to learn outside the classroom, some local schools have chosen to visit the Sioux City Railroad Museum.
It has been so much fun getting to see the excitement on their faces as the see our steam engine for the first time, or follow our model trains around the layout.

STEAM Summer Camp

If your children love visiting the Sioux City Railroad Museum with their school, during the summer, or for one of our special events, they are sure to love out S.T.E.A.M. Camp.

This multi-day summer camp focuses on teaching children the role that the railroad played in shaping the United States. During each of the 5 days participants will learn about the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Architecture, and Math used by the railroad industry.

Register your child today! Space is limited.
Upcoming Events

June Theme: Little Red Caboose
In this fun reading program, designed for children 4-8, we explore the joys of reading. Each program is based around a railroad theme and offers a story time followed by a craft or activity.

Come explore some of the coolest big vehicles in the area. We will have fire trucks, ambulances, Police vehicles, construction equipment, Military vehicles and more. Lots of great photo opportunities so bring the camera. This is a huge hit with kids of all ages.
This year there will be a special quiet hour from 9-10 a.m. During this quiet hour, we invite children with special needs to come and enjoy the big rigs without all the noise and the crowds.  We recognize that the noise level and crowds can make it difficult for children with special needs to enjoy this event. We hope that quiet hour will help those who are looking for the entertainment, without the noise.

Join us for our second Rail Yard Talk of 2018. Riding the Orphan Train, presented by Dr. Rudy Daniels.

During each 2 hour-long session the participants will be given 1 hour of basic instruction by our trained engineers while learning how it works. Then, it’s time to climb into the engineer’s seat and take the locomotive for a spin for another hour while your instructor watches over your shoulder ensuring safety and proper operation are always adhered to.

Call today for reservations! This would make a great Father's Day gift!