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Usui Master Intensives known as Usui One and Usui Two

The first Intensive was held in Germany in 1993.  Paul and I had been practicing as masters since 1979.  The world of Reiki was growing with increasing speed.  This was exhilarating and, sometimes, scary.   Interestingly, in looking back at this time in the world of Reiki as I knew it, the scary moments happened inside rather than outside.  We went from one form to an abundance of forms.  We went from knowing that there was stability in one form to wondering if there was a limitation to the effectiveness of Reiki as more and more changes were made to the system form.  As a young innocent of energy work, I kept learning as I taught and practiced.  Quickly!  Many beliefs and understandings of how the world worked and how much control I had over it (none and all) changed constantly.  How to find stability?  

In 1993, Paul and I started on our journey of discovery.  An adventure into our system of practice that we received from our Master, Hawayo Takata.  Many things we did because "she said so."  Sometimes it was what she didn't say that echoed in our beings.   When starting to facilitate these Intensives, we didn't realize how much we held consciously....just below our conscious conversation.  We realized how much knowledge we actually had received from her. 

The Masters who attended the Intensives over the years, asked many questions, shared their own experiences and ideas adding to our collective knowledge.  As the years went by, we grew to having 3 Usui One Intensives and sometimes 2 Usui Two Intensives a year in different parts of the world.  From Australia to Canada, South America to Russia.   For 25 years we were engaged in this continuing conversation based on the practice received by the circle of masters that Hawayo Takata left to carry on her work.  

During this time, Paul and I had the opportunity to see how the practice engaged students on the level of mastery, the challenges of wanting to have a solid core of common practice with colleagues (if they also chose this) and all wanting to develop our individual paths.  I believe the Usui Intensives allowed those who attended these seminars to find another level of understanding of the system, Usui  Shiki Ryoho, a wider view of their own practice and how it affected the whole, and embracing the experience that the more we grew to understand, the more we stood in the mystery.  

The strength of this practice developed along side the exponential growth of Reiki practices, forms and students in the world.  Now I believe we have moved into a different stage of development.  One in which this particular practice and the global Reiki community are moving towards reconciliation.  A kind of maturity that comes from a certain level of compassion, surrender to what is, and the devoted studentship of the practice with the basis of trusting the natural guidance of Reiki.  

It seems to be expressing in many ways, in many places.  Paul and I have decided to close these offerings and be open to what is next on our own paths of development.  

The Usui One in the UK (registration is closed at this time) in March is the last one we will offer.  I will be the one representing the OGM with Laurence Fontaine as a supporter.    

For those waiting for Usui Two, our last offering will be in Green Valley AZ in February 2019.  Both Paul and I will be present.  Information and Registration will be published in June 2017.  
Paul's Sabbatical Year

As you remember from the first mailing of the 2018 schedule, Paul wrote an article about taking a sabbatical year, a resting year from his usual schedule.  He is taking this year to do what calls him, personally, as a family member, and as a part of humanity.  He will also have time to look back.  To see in hindsight where he has been and how this informs where he is now.  

He will not be attending the Usui One nor the OGM Retreat in Madrid.   Our work together, our individual relationship, and our continued partnership in the Office of the Grand Master ensures his energetic presence and guidance.  

Our working relationship formally began in 1993 when we founded the Office of the Grand Master.  We are moving into another stage of our lives, our path, and our calling.   We are incredibly grateful for the inner bell that rang in both of us bringing us to a place of partnership for the system Usui Shiki Ryoho and for the legacy of Hawayo Takata's teaching.  

I wish you well this year of reflection and personal path.
March 7-11
Usui Master Intensive One   
For masters wishing to deepen their understanding and knowledge of the practice that has passed through the spiritual lineage of Mikao Usui, Chujiro Hayashi, Hawayo Takata and Phyllis Furumoto. 
Facilitated by Phyllis Furumoto 
Corby England
Organizer: Jill Mason
Registration click here

May 1-7
The Reiki Alliance Gathering
The annual gathering of The Reiki Alliance, an organization for the masters of Usui  Shiki Ryoho held this year near Toronto Ontario Canada.  Both Paul Mitchell and Phyllis Furumoto will be attending this gathering.
Organizer:  The Reiki Alliance
October 2-7
OGM Retreat in Spain
A time for students of all initiation levels of Usui Shiki Ryoho to gather and be the Office of the Grand Master.  We ask you to come to work for the system and clarity of our practice.  
We are meeting at the Convento near Madrid Spain.  
Attending:  Phyllis Furumoto 
Organizer:  Renate Heimann,  Rita Freyeisen
Registration:  Click here 

November 2-3-4
3 Days in New York City!

Friday, November 2
for masters and students of John Gray
Brian Brunius, a master of the John Gray lineage, feels called to create a bridge for students and masters of this lineage and Phyllis Furumoto.  Though John and Phyllis had a personal connection, their styles and priorities were different.  This is a time for reconciliation which means there is no right or wrong.  Brian is offering a time for connection.  

Saturday, December 3
for Reiki masters of all lineages and forms of Reiki practice
Theme:  Teaching Reiki as a Spiritual Practice:  Some of the themes to be explored are:  What is a spiritual practice?  Why is Reiki practice considered to be a spiritual practice?  What are some of the differences of emphasis that have been noticed?  How does this affect the teaching and the reception of the teaching by the student?  

Sunday, December 4
for all Reiki students, including masters, of all lineages and forms of practice
Theme:  Becoming a world citizen through Reiki Practice
What does it mean to be a world citizen?  How effective is "sending Reiki" and what effect are we hoping for?  Does this  reconcile our need to help others?  Is there a difference of being spiritually connected and physically present?  

As the site of one of the "source" events that drew people together from all over the world and created change in our view point of  being world 
citizens, New York City has experience to share and the people living in this shift have something to add to the conversation that is unique.  

Reiki practice brings us first to ourselves as a healing art.  The next stage of development is to look out and join community  and at the present, 
our community is the world.  

Organizer:   Brian Brunius
Venue:  One Spirit Learning Alliance NYC

Webinars for 2018
For registration for the free webinars please go to the facebook page Global Reiki Webinars.  This is the most recent draft of the schedule.  
Paid webinars have not yet been scheduled.  

March 14 Wednesday 12:00PM Chicago Time
What is the nature of relationship we want for Reiki practice with
other health care options?
April 21 sat 4:00pm
What is Reiki Certification?
June 5 Tues 7:00PM Chicago Time
Does age matter as a Reiki student?
[June 20-24 - Global Reiki Gathering at Ronora, Michigan]
July 21 Sat 12:00 noon Chicago Time
Is the practice of Reiki leading us to a Regenerative understanding of the universe? 
September 15  Sat 11:00am Chicago Time
The Aspect of Personal Development within Reiki practice
October 23 Tues 7:00PM Chicago Time
Does Reiki practice encourage Psychic Development?
November 24 Sat 10:00am Chicago Time
How does being a mentor enrich the relationship of a master and student?
December 29 Sat 12:00 noon Chicago Time
Looking forward  while being Present