Earlier this week, we sent out notice that the new Orange Street intersection was tentatively planned to open on Thursday, September 9th. The opening date was tentative because much of the work that needed to occur prior to the intersection’s opening was weather dependent.
The recent rainy weather as well as the rain anticipated overnight and tomorrow, has pushed out the intersection’s opening for a couple weeks. We will keep you informed with the latest information, including when a new date for the intersection’s opening has been identified.
When the new intersection opens, Orange Street will be reconnected across the Route 34 former highway to nowhere for the first time in approximately 60 years! In preparation for the Orange Street intersection’s upcoming opening, please note the information below.

Navigating the Orange Street Intersection

When the new intersection opens, please note:

  • Drivers exiting I91 and I95 to approach Downtown New Haven (Exit 1 from I91 South and Exit 47 from I95 North) will now come across their first traffic signal at Orange Street, much earlier than before.

  • The new intersection and traffic signals are at a location that drivers are used to speeding past. Drivers are urged to pay attention to on-road signage, slow down, and stay safe!

  • The speed limit on the exit ramps from both I91 and I95 is 30 MPH! Obey the speed limit.

  • The new intersection and its traffic signals are designed for pedestrians and bicyclists, not only drivers!! Drivers should be especially cognizant that they are utilizing a shared-use road along with pedestrians and bicyclists. Drivers should pay attention to road signage and obey the speed limit to keep all road users safe.

  • From any point in the intersection, drivers can turn right or go straight upon a green traffic signal. There are NO left-hand turns allowed for drivers from any point in the intersection.