Further Clarification from Public Health
Dear Accommodation Community and Stakeholders,

Following yesterday's press conference — announcing that British Columbia will officially enter Step 3 tomorrow, July 1st — the Public Health Officer has released updates to Public Health Orders surrounding Food and Liquor & Serving Premises and Gatherings & Events.

Both orders will come into affect July 1, 9:00am.
Changes & Inclusions for Food & Liquor Serving Premises Include:
  • No group limits for indoor and outdoor dining, events allowed at restaurants, bars, and pubs
  • Return to normal liquor service hours
  • At nightclubs, up to 10 people seated at tables, tables 2m apart
  • Patrons must be assigned to a table, shown to their seats, must stay in their seats and remain seated, except to get up for a few reasons per the order
  • Dance floors must be closed and patrons must not dance
Changes & Inclusions for Gatherings & Events Include:

  • Fairs, festivals and trade shows return to normal with a Communicable Disease Plan
  • Provides rules for an outside event of no more than 5,000 persons, or 50% of the seated operating capacity of a place whichever number is greater
  • Provides rule for an inside event of no more than 50 persons, or 50% of the seated operating capacity of a place whichever number is greater 
  • no limit on table sizes and removal of distancing between tables.
  • Prohibits dancing at inside events and dance floors are to be closed, except inside dance floors could be used for performance dances, such as dance troops performing in banquet halls
Continuing to Advocate:

At this stage, there a few issues that have been raised by our industry that we continue to advocate for. These include:
  • Allowance of stand-up receptions
  • Dancing at indoor hotel events

Thank you to all who have reached out with your questions. We encourage you to continue to do so and we will work to get you the answers you need.

Please also see below for a frequently asked questions that we have received. Click here for additional questions on the new communicable disease prevention, courtesy of WorkSafeBC.

Stay cool this long weekend.

Ingrid Jarrett
President & CEO
British Columbia Hotel Association
My staff are uncomfortable with eased safety measures, do I have to relax the safety protocols I have in place?

No. While many of the COVID-19 safety measures will no longer be required in Step 3 of the BC Restart Plan, business are able to determine their own approach to removing protocols based on their comfort level. Should you wish to be conservative in your approach to easing safety measures, it is your prerogative to do so.

How are most operators approaching mask use?

In Step 3, masks will no longer be mandatory but instead will be recommended. As such, it is up to each business to determine how they would like to approach mask requirements within their business. While there are a variety of approaches being taken, many businesses are opting to continue requiring their staff to wear masks, and recommending mask use among their guests.

Should we remove our barriers?

In Step 3, physical distancing barriers are no longer required for hotels. However, the provincial health officer issued a statement recommending that employers maintain some existing COVID-19 protocols that do not negatively impact business operations, so if employers have existing barriers in place that are not interfering with operations, they are advised to keep these in place for the time being.

Should we remove our signage promoting physical distancing?

As stated, the provincial health officer has issued a statement recommending that employers maintain some existing COVID-19 protocols that do not negatively impact business operations. If signage or directional arrows promoting physical distancing are effective in managing areas of congestion in your workplace, and if they do not negatively impact business operations, it is recommended that you keep these in place until this recommendation from the PHO is revised or removed.

What are current protocols surrounding indoor and outdoor pools?

Restrictions on pool deck capacity both indoors and outdoors have been relaxed. At this stage, pool operations can resume to pre-pandemic levels. If you are keen to take a cautious approach, you may wish to continue to promote reduced social contact through signage, encourage mask use, or cap occupancy levels.

What are current protocols surrounding spa operations?

Mask use is optional but recommended in spas. You may choose to continue asking your staff to wear masks and keep your physical distancing measures and barriers in place.

What are current protocols surrounding gyms?

As outlined by the BC Restart Plan, ‘gyms and recreation facilities can operate at normal capacity’. Again, mask use is recommended but not required and you can determine your own measures for this. 
#ICYMI | Tourism Industry Communications Toolkit
The resources and guidance you need to transition to Step 3 of the BC Restart Plan: