Storm Update Call with
Dutchess County Executive Molinaro
& Team
This morning's conference call with the County Executive and his Staff resulted in this information to share:

  • Dutchess County got 4-8 inches of snow when the 2 storms converged
  • The southern portion of the County got more ice, the northern portion got more snow
  • We are expecting 2-4 more inches today (100% chance of participation)
  • Heaviest snowfall time period between noon - 1:00 today
  • Tonight we might see an additional 3-7 inches around the County. Here, it looks like1 to 3 inches
  • Snowfall will end before 8 a.m. tomorrow morning
  • County roads are passable but not bare
  • No county roads are closed. Hopefully, bare by tomorrow after early commute.
  • Public Transportation: E & C routes not running. D route terminating at Pleasant valley.
  • Use the County Public Transit website for updates:
  • We do not have a homeless problem here in Union Vale, but if you see someone who appears as if they have no place to go, please contact Town Hall immediately
  • For others who need emergency fuel, there is an Emergency Fuel Depot for those in need. They can get a delivery and will have a week to determine their eligibility. Hours are from 4 p.m. to 8 a.m. and the # is: 845-437-0050
  • Only 17 people are out of power (elsewhere in the County). No one in Union Vale is out of power, as far as we know
  • Central Hudson is fully staffed but we do not foresee any need for a municipal call
  • This should be over tomorrow afternoon but in the meantime, drive SLOW and STAY OFF THE ROADS as soon as possible. Roads are still dangerous!
  • Call Richie Wisseman about any road issues (trees, etc.) 845-629-6519.

Signing off now as Union Vale appears to be in good shape!

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Town Supervisor
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