Updated information on Summer 2020
Teacher Education, Courses, and Workshops
for Waldorf Early Childhood Educators
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Summer Courses and Teacher Education at
WECAN Member Institutes
NY state is slowly opening, and it looks like Alkion will be able to have our in person Summer Intensive classes, with whatever protocols are required!
Week II will take place as planned from June 28 - July 2. Week 1 has been moved to July 5 - 12, with 2 extra days added to complete some of the arts classes that were canceled in the Spring. Otherwise, the classes will be as described on our website . We will keep our website as up to date as possible.

Rejuvenation in the Time of Covid-19 for Early Childhood Teachers:
Re-imagining the Role of the Teacher
June 29 - July 3, 2020.

The purpose of this online course is to realign ourselves with core principles as we deepen our understanding of our role as teachers in these extraordinary times. How do we hold on to what we know is good, true, and beautiful for our children?  For two hours each day, we will transform the zoom classroom into a place for study and conversation, dance and renewal. This is the fourth year of our collaboration and we are delighted to meet the challenge with striving, humor, and humility.
The teacher as:
Monday - the one who models the connection to the spirit
Tuesday - the facilitator of imaginative play
Wednesday - storyteller - the one who develops living pictures
Thursday - the one who solves problems through observation
Friday - artist - the one who choreographs aesthetic experiences
$250 plus half-hour private mentoring - click here for more information
Sophia’s Hearth is starting a new cohort for our Birth-7 Certification course. The first summer will be held via distance learning with all of our usual faculty members adapting their classes to maintain the richness of our usual program. Spots are still available for new students.

We are also beginning a Birth-3 cohort which we have adapted to mirror the new WECAN proposed standards for its anticipated Birth-3 Certification program. We are happy for the opportunity to offer our recognized Birth-3 specialty program aligned with the new standards.
Early Childhood Teacher Education Certificate 3-Year Course with Masters Degree Option - Still Accepting Applications! Summer Intensive ONLINE - July 6th - July 31st

Four-week comprehensive and engaging virtual learning with classes in:
  • Human Development - Birth to 21
  • Essentials of a Waldorf Kindergarten 
  • Artistic Work in Waldorf Schools

In-Depth Curriculum 
  • Engagement with courses will require 40+ hours per week, spread evenly across 5-7 days each week for four weeks
  • Less than 50% will be in front of a screen
  • Non-screen activities will include: reading, creating lesson books, painting, creating a rod puppet, handwork, flute/recorder practice, singing, engagement with nature, writing

Early Childhood Part-Time Program – Now Starting July 26 

It is not too late to apply. Applications are still being accepted for the new cycle of Waldorf Early Childhood Part-Time. Please note that we are postponing the start date of the summer session to July 26 (previously June 14) to make it possible for more people to attend either in-person or online (with a combination of zoom, webinars and independent projects).

Registration is still open. The registration fee has been waived and no fees will be collected until the course takes place. Scholarship support is still available.

Please do not hesitate to contact the director Jan Ney Patterson at  jpatterson@rsct.ca   for more information and to discuss your situation. 
Sound Circle is not offering any public courses this summer. 
Please check our website next spring to see our public offerings for the summer of 2021.
Other Summer Offerings
C ollaborative Governance, Engaging the World, and the Art of Administration in the Evolving Waldorf School - Summer 2020 Leadership Retreats will be offered ONLINE.
· Same great teachers, content and participants.
· Two date options.
Choose the week that works best for you. Click on the location to read more. Hawthorne Valley, NY July 13 - 17 or Whidbey Island July 20 - 24 (Pacific Time)
· A new element has been added: free monthly class calls throughout the year to touch in, share questions and insights, and study together.
· Special pricing for the summer course - $500. (additional participants from your school may join for $350 each.)

If you are interested in joining us this summer, please let us know. www.leadingwithspirit.org
In addition, we are very busy with our advisory, coaching and mentoring work. We are making ourselves available for free consultations and conversations for anyone who could use some support. If you are interested,
please email us at mhsoule@gmail.com .

Leading Learning Communities - Case Studies of Two Waldorf Schools using New Adult Learning Processes in Professional & Organizational Development.
Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto - Summer Festival - July 20 - 24, 2020 - Afternoons  www.rsct.ca  - On-line Live Streaming 
 Connections 2020/2021 - Spend a Week at the Cottage with Learning, Art and Nature with Heather Church and Laurie Harper-Burgess
Parry Sound, Ontario - July 31- August 8, 2020 -  www.newadultlearning.com - S till at the cottage!

Midsummer Festival of Puppetry Arts - Saturday July 25th 2020
A Collaborative Showcase

We welcome you to join us, from the comfort of your own location, for a virtual celebration of the gifts of storytelling and puppetry arts. In lieu of our East Coast conference because of pandemic restrictions, this year we invite artists, educators, and therapists who are working out of Waldorf inspiration to share their essential work with others!  Our event will open at 1pm (EST) on July 25th with an exploration of the theme, “Imaginal Forces and the Power of Healing”, to be followed by short video clips of puppet story presentations and a reflection from their creators.

Donations to this event will support the formation of an association for threefold storytelling and puppetry arts. For more information please contact Janene Ping:  jping@hawthornevalleyschool.org  
or Marjorie Rehbach:  mrehbach@gmail.com
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