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MONDAY, APRIL 29, 2013

Author Jeremy Scahill to discuss and sign his new book, Dirty Wars: The World Is A Battlefield.  In Dirty Wars, Jeremy Scahill, author of the New York Times best-seller Blackwater, takes us inside America's new covert wars. As he reveals, the foot soldiers in these battles operate daily across the globe and inside the United States with orders from the White House to do whatever is necessary to hunt down, capture, or kill individuals designated by the president as enemies of America.
6pm @ 14th & V

Rise + Rhyme: Storytelling/Performances for Ages 5 & Under featuring Liz "The Singing Lizard"
9:30am @ Hyattsville, $5 suggested cash donation
Monday Night Open Mic Poetry 8pm @ Shirlington, $5 (Buy your tickets  online
starting at midnight on the day of)


Author R. Kayeen Thomas discusses his book Antebellum. A thought-provoking novel about African-American culture seen through the eyes of a famous rapper who is transported to the days of slavery and forced to experience it firsthand. R. Kayeen Thomas is an author, poet, playwright, hip-hop artist, journalist, and social justice advocate. He self-published his first book,Light: Stories of Urban Resurrection, during his junior year at Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota. His novel, Antebellum, has garnered praise from such notables as Dr. Michael Eric Dyson and received acclaim from numerous publications, including Publishers Weekly.
6:30pm @ 14th & V

Tuesday Night Open Mic 9pm @ 14th & V, $5 (Buy your tickets  online starting at midnight on the day of)


Zami: A Circle of LGBTQ Cultural Performances & Discussions presents Staceyann Chin: "All Oppression Is Connected."  Zami: A Circle of LGBTQ Cultural Performances & Discussions at Busboys and Poets is named after the work of Audre Lorde, and seeks to honor her legacy as a fearless black, lesbian poet, author and educator. The gender and sexuality series seeks to energize community discourse regarding the intersections of sexuality, gender, race and human rights by bringing together artists, scholars, and community members to talk about their work as people committed to LGBTQ and feminist values and action. To be added to the Zami listserv email [email protected]
6:30pm @ 14th & V, $5 suggested donation
Wednesday Night Open Mic Poetry Night 9pm @ 5th & K, $5 (Buy your tickets
 online starting at midnight on the day of)


Busboys and Poets Books welcomes poet and author Kevin Coval to perform and discuss his new book, Shtick. Schtick is the tale of Jewish assimilation and its discontents; a sweeping exposition on Jewish-American culture in all its bawdy, contradictory, and inventive glory. Exploring how Jews shed minority status in America-in his own family and in culture and politics at large-poet Kevin Coval shows us a people's transformation out of diaspora, landing on both sides of the color line.
6:30pm @ Hyattsville

Pre-Conference Kick-Off: Locals Unplugged Social Enterprise Salon 6pm @ 5th & K 
Stewart Acuff to discuss and sign his new book, Playing Bigger Than You Are (A Life in Organizing) 6:30pm @ 14th & V 
Live Performance by SNRG 9pm @ 14th & V
Thursday Night Open Mic Poetry 9pm @ Hyattsville, $5 (Buy your tickets online starting at midnight on the day of) 

FRIDAY, MAY 3, 2013

Author Eve Ensler discusses her latest book, In the Body of the World.  From the bestselling author of The Vagina Monologues and one of Newsweek's 150 Women Who Changed the World, a visionary memoir of separation and connection-to the body, the self, and the world  Playwright, author, and activist Eve Ensler has devoted her life to the female body-how to talk about it, how to protect and value it. Yet she spent much of her life disassociated from her own body-a disconnection brought on by her father's sexual abuse and her mother's remoteness. "Because I did not, could not inhabit my body or the Earth," she writes, "I could not feel or know their pain."
6:30pm @ 14th & V

First Fridays presented by Busboys and Poets hosts the Art Lives Here 5:30pm @ Hyattsville
Humanities Council presents " Live to Read" 6pm @ 5th & K
LIVE! from Busboys: Open Mic & Talent Showcase 11pm @ 14th & V, $5 (Buy your tickets online starting at midnight on the day of)




Proud to win Washington City Paper's Best of DC 2013: "Best Place to Take Someone on a First Date" and "Best Open Mic!"
Bring your crush to catch an open mic, and enjoy our new Spring menu offerings, like the Mango and Avocado Salad with Hemp Vinaigrette, Pan Seared Scallops and Fresh Mozzarella Sandwich.



SUNDAY, MAY 5, 2013

This month's Middle East Cafe discussion is centered around author Pamela Olson's book, Fast Times in Palestine: A Love Affair with a Homeless
Homeland, in which a young college graduate finds herself unwittingly faced with the realities of life in Occupied Territory. For much of her life-like many Westerners-most of what Pamela Olson knew of the Middle East was informed by headlines and stereotypes. But when she traveled to Palestine in 2003, she found herself thrown with dizzying speed into the realities of Palestinian life. The Middle East Cafe, a Busboys and Poets program offers events designed to bring together Arabs, Jews, and those interested in working toward a resolution to the conflict in the Middle East.
5pm @ 5th & K 

A Continuing Talk On Race (A.C.T.O.R.) 5pm @ 14th & V
Rhonda Jeter and Friends: A Sunday Jazz Affair 5pm @ Hyattsville

Monday, May 6, 2013
Rise + Rhyme: Storytelling/Performances for Ages 5 and Under feat. Liz "The Singing Lizard"
9:30am @ Hyattsville
Bread & Roses Labor Series presents a screening of War on Whistleblowers
6pm @ 5th & K
Author Dr. Ann Rowe discusses and signs her new book, Creating Effective Programs for Gifted Students with Learning Disabilities 6:30pm @ 14th & V

Monday Night Open Mic Poetry 8pm @ Shirlington, $5  


Tuesday, May 7, 2013
Bread & Roses Labor Series presents "U.S.Labor Against the War" with Gene Bruskin & Phyllis Bennis
6pm @ 5th & K
Tuesday Night Open Mic Poetry hosted by Gowri 9pm @ 14th & V, $5


Wednesday, May 8, 2013
Organic Happy Hour 4-7pm All Locations
The New Republic's Cover Story Talk
6pm @ 14th & V
Wednesday Night Open Mic Poetry 9pm @ 5th & K, $5
Thursday, May 9, 2013
Author Helen Matthews Lewis and Co-editor Judi Jennings will discuss and sign Helen Matthews Lewis: Living Social Justice in Appalachia 6pm @ 14th & V
Nine on the Ninth Open Mic Poetry 9pm @ Hyattsville, $5

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