“It is an immense privilege to be part of
a community based on love.” 
John O'Donohue
Mission Statement
The Zip Code Contemplation(ZCC) program invites prior retreatants to stay connected with Mepkin Abbey and engage with others to deepen the contemplative dimension of their lives. 
Our goal is to provide both community and content 
to foster and focus our contemplative practice.

Group Format

A group of 6-10 persons come together monthly via Zoom
for 60-90 minutes led by a trained convener

Prior to the meeting, each participant listens to an audio presentation or reads a selection on a pre-selected topic
followed by 15 minutes of contemplative journaling

During the meeting, participants share 1-2 highlights that touched them without crosstalk…then journaling…sharing…
group silence…and closing prayer.

Find a ZCC Group
That Fits Your Schedule

Groups meet
in-person or on Zoom.
Zoom is straightforward
and user-friendly.
We have almost 200 members across
the United States.
Our conveners do a wonderful job making
this format be
a personal experience
and foster community
no matter where you live.

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Mepkin Offers
Online Contemplative Prayer Sessions
Tuesdays and Thursdays
at 8 am & 8 pm
All are welcome!!

ZCC is a response
to hearing
the retreatants:

"I'm looking for a way to stay connected to a community of meaning."

"I have no one with whom I can continue this conversation with when I get home."

"For me to grow spiritually, I need community support."

"How can I take what I experience at Mepkin and bring it to my daily life?"
Email us at: mepkinzcc@gmail.com