Americans for the Arts Releases Its Fifth
Arts & Economic Prosperity Studies -- AEP5

Florida had 41 AEP studies conducted.

a. Quick Look at State of Florida AEP5:

b.  State of Florida AEP Full Study:
c.  Data and Links to All 41 Florida Studies

d.   Americans for the Arts AEP5 Website

Florida AEP5 Tour:  Look for the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs (DCA) AEP5 state tour coming to a nearby neighborhood to share information regarding this Florida study.

For additional information on Florida's AEP5 Study 
Curtis Young
and AEP5 Tour, please get in touch with

Curtis Young, Arts Consultant, DCA

After Washington, Florida is one of five states with the fastest growth in arts and cultural employment according to U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA)
Arts & Cultural Satellite Research


a.   Florida data (click on Florida to access)  from National Assembly of State Arts Agencies' Website

takes you to a graphic that you can use to select from a drop-down list of arts and cultural industries to learn how much value and growth they added to the U.S. GDP from the 2014 findings.

takes you to an interactive state map that illustrates the number of workers employed by arts and cultural industries;  it also shows the compensation (earnings and benefits) paid to these workers. To permit comparisons, 
the graphic relates arts and cultural employment as a share of the total workforce in each state.  This state-wide concentration of arts and cultural workers is indexed to a national rate (1.0).

f.   Infographic


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