August 26, 2020 | Issue 7 v2
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Summit Registration Open
Artists Thrive 2020 Virtual Summit
Tues. Sept. 29 – Thurs. Oct. 1
12:00pm-5:00pm EST
Ticket prices based on how close you are to Thriving.
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tips from experts to inspire you to thrive
Take a look at one of our summit presenters, the i was here project that brings the history of enslaved Africans to American streets that rarely see it. If you have been meeting from home, you probably have been using Zoom. Here's how to use it like an expert.
A Guide to Zoom
Like a Pro
i was here, based in Lexington, KY, synthesizes a wealth of humanities and historical scholarship into a set of iconic Ancestor Spirit Portraits that create a comprehensive visual history bringing the past into view.

Join the online conversation hosted by the Kentucky Arts Council and Kentucky Historical Society on Thursday, Sept. 3rd at 11am ET or attend an encore session at our Summit.

Heather Pontonio at Artists Thrive gives tips to get the most out of your paid Zoom account. She includes ways to make your meetings accessible, create waiting rooms, change what participants view, engage participants, and much more.

opportunities that bring artist together to support you thrive
Our 2020 Virtual Summit is an incredible space to CONNECT with a national network of artists and arts administrators, funders and educators!
Purchase tickets based on how close you are to thriving.
From the 2019 Summit
Poetry Collection

Let’s gather
around this table
and allow everyone
to draw a chair
up close. Let’s hold
something warm
from the skillet
and remember
how important it is
to nurture
and be nurtured.
-Daily Bread (for Cornbread & Tortillas)
Julie Hensley
Opening Day Summit Keynote
Post-Traumatic Growth Mindset

This presentation explores how you can lean into post-traumatic growth. You will discuss, experiment, and unpack how an immersive mindfulness experience can provide you with the pathways to build internal skills and existing resources that you can put into play. This interactive workshop will help you explore mind and art, as well as life and purpose.

self-care offerings to help you thrive
Sometimes all you need to be a bit more mindful.
Jill Suttie argues prejudice is partially cognitive biases and says mindfulness could help to correct them. This article gives research to support the power of mindfulness in antiracist work.
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