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Hello Rocky Mountain Cascade Region! 

My name is Christopher F. Thompson and I am your 2015-2016 Regional president. I want to take a moment and thank you for making the choice to join Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. Your Regional Officer Team will be working diligently to make this year one of the best years possible! We all look forward to serving the RMC with passion and dedication. Thank you for your efforts and I cannot wait to see what this region is capable of!

Warm Regards,

Christopher F. Thompson
Rocky Mountain Cascade Regional President

Meet your 2015 Regional Team!

DeLinda Martin-Huggins 
Regional Coordinator

DeLinda is currently the Director of Student Leadership at Portland Community College, Rock Creek. She has held numerous leadership positions in Phi Theta Kappa since 2006 including Vice President of Fellowship and chapter advisor. DeLinda is currently the chapter advisor for Beta Gamma Lambda. Throughout this next year, she is excited to meet new members of the Rocky Mountain Cascade Team, and renew connections with returning individuals. DeLinda looks forward to more interaction, fun and learning with all of you!


Michelle Cochran
Assistant Coordinator 

Michelle is currently a Student Life Advisor at Columbia Gorge Community College. She has been a Phi Theta Kappa member since 2009. Michelle was also the President of the Alpha Sigma Xi Chapter from 2009-11. She can't wait to work with the 2015-16 RMC Regional Officer Team this year. Michelle looks forward to bringing the chapter advisors, officers and members together to build a stronger region. She says to always remember that Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Fellowship are the four pillars that make Phi Theta Kappa such an incredible organization. Michelle is excited to see the region grow together, learn from each other and strive for excellence.

Christopher Thompson
Regional President

Christopher is a Chemical Engineering student at Salt Lake Community College with a goal of becoming a Nuclear Engineer. Christopher has been a Phi Theta Kappa Member since 2010 and he is currently the Alpha Chi Eta Chapter President. Throughout his Phi Theta Kappa experience he has held numerous leadership positions including Historian and Vice President of Leadership. Christopher looks forward to serving the Rocky Mountain  Cascade Region as President this year. He would like to see the efforts of the Rocky Mountain Cascade Region become  recognizable for years to come!

Cara Krueger
Regional Vice President

Cara is currently attending Columbia Gorge Community College with the goal of attaining a Human Development and Family Studies Bachelor Degree with a minor in Psychology. Cara has been a Phi Theta Kappa member since 2013. She is currently the Fundraising Coordinator for the Alpha Sigma Xi Chapter. Cara has also served as Service Coordinator and President for her chapter. As a member of the Regional Officer Team, Cara is looking forward to sharing information about Hallmarks and Competitive Edge with the chapters. She is excited to work with the Regional Officer Team and the region's members throughout this next year.

C assandra Westgate 
Northern District Executive 

Cassandra currently attends Mt. Hood Community College and  is working on obtaining her Associates of Applied Science in Nursing. Cassandra has been a member of Phi Theta Kappa since 2014. She is currently the President of her chapter, Rho Theta. Through Phi Theta Kappa she has won a most distinguished c hapter officer medal both at the International Convention and the Regional Conference. Cassandra looks forward to meeting the chapters in the region to help them with their chapter projects. She is also excited to share her Phi Theta Kappa  experiences with other members and the Rocky Mountain Cascade Regional Team.

Marissa Cowles 
Southern District Executive

Marissa is currently working on her Bachelor's degree in Psychology at Utah Valley University. This is Marissa's first year in Phi Theta Kappa. She is currently the Vice President of Communications for the Alpha Sigma Theta Chapter. Marissa is looking forward to the strong and meaningful friendships and connections she will make through both of her positions in Phi Theta Kappa.

Shawn Rainey 
Western District Executive

Shawn is currently attending Chemeketa Community College and is working on his AAOT degree. Shawn has been in Phi Theta Kappa for six months. He is currently the Vice President of Community Service for the Alpha Kappa Omicron chapter. Shawn is looking forward to being able to meet and work with so many different people from Oregon, Idaho and Utah this year. He can't wait to be able to talk and work with all of the chapters that make this region one of the best in the world.

Jason Ward
Eastern District Executive 

Jason is currently working on an associate's degree in Biology at College of Western Idaho. Jason has been a Phi Theta Kappa member since May. He is currently an officer for his chapter, Beta Sigma Pi. He is looking forward to working with the rest of the Regional Officer Team and helping the colleges in his region.

Elizabeth Olsen
Vice President of Communications 

Elizabeth is currently attending Blue Mountain Community College with the goal of obtaining a Bachelors in Mathematics. Elizabeth has been a Phi Thet a Kappa Member since 2014. She served as the Vice President of Communications for the Beta Delta Zeta Chapter. Elizabeth looks forward to meeting the region's members and getting to know everyone. She is excited to work with the Regional Officer Team to make 2015-16 a great year!
Western District Report

Hi Western District,
My name is Shawn Rainey, I'm the 2015/2016 Western District Executive. I'm currently a student at Chemeketa Community College Salem campus. I also serve as Vice President of Community service for my local chapter, Alpha Kappa Omicron. I'm looking forward to a great year serving such a great district. The main thing I want to accomplish over the next year is more interaction between chapters in the Western District. So I'm looking to put together a mixer between chapters, this would give us the  opportunity to mingle with other chapters. It would allow us to talk about the different things we are doing on our campuses, and possibly help each other become the best chapters we can.
Over the summer we had to cancel the western district tool kit. Instead of having a tool kit, we will be doing a training session with each chapter in the Western District. If your chapter is interested in having me come present a training session please feel free to contact me. My contact information is [email protected]. If you would prefer to talk over the phone my phone number is 503-991-9122.

Northern District Report

Hi Northern District!
I am excited to see everyone at the Regional Conference! If you need help with anything this year, especially with Honors in Action, I am here and willing to help!
Cassie Westgate

Southern District Report

Hi Southern District!

I am excited to represent you on the regional level! The UVU and SLCC chapters have been working hard to plan some awesome activities. Since we have so few chapters in our district, our goal is to connect our two chapters and support one another as much as possible! Follow us on Facebook to keep informed on what's going on! 

Our district toolkit was a great success this year! It was on Saturday, September 5th, and we had some incredible presentations. Our presenters were: Michelle Cochran - Assistant Regional Coordinator, Tony Medina - UVU Chapter President, Marissa Cowles - Southern District Executive, Cara Krueger - Regional Vice President, and Christopher Thompson - Regional President. We also were joined by Jason Ward - Eastern District Executive. A huge thank you goes out to our presenters and all who helped make the event a success. If you weren't able to make it this year, I'm willing to bet that next year's toolkit will be just as great if not even better!

Please know that if you ever need anything or have any questions, I am here for you! You can email me at  [email protected]. Stay nerdy, my friends. 

Eastern District Report

Hello Rocky Mountain Cascade Region! 
This is Jason Ward, the Eastern District Executive. I also serve as the Volunteer Coordinator at my home chapter of Beta Sigma Pi at the College of Western Idaho. We are fresh off of hosting the Eastern District Toolkit at CWI and looking forward to another great semester. MY goals for the District are to introduce myself and perhaps even attend a meeting of PTK at the other chapters. I believe meeting face-to-face with the advisers and chapter officers would go a long way towards opening a thriving line of communication between the district and region, connecting us to the larger goals of PTK and to share our best practices. Helping each other become better chapters is the spirit of Fellowship and Service.
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