Two reasons why we might need ai after all:

I misspelled Pueblo Vida Brewing in the previous email. We're super-psyched to have Downtown's own Pueblo Vida Brewing on hand as the official beverage of the TMC Night Run Beer Garden -- see

Plus the main stage band at the TMC Night Run is named "Blondie All Over" -- see info on them here!

If you see something else I missed, let me know!

Your favorite event is coming up, so get on the phone, send a snap, or forward this email to your favorite people -- and make a team for Tucson's most popular running and walking event!

The May 27th TMC Meet Me Downtown 5k Night Run/Walk and Festival of Miles is a few short weeks away. Pricing is a mere $40 for adults in the 5k, with each member of team of 5 or more receiving a $5 discount.

See below for details on 5k pricing, the free youth and children's events, the Team FAQ, and a list of current team registrants.

By the way, as you'll no doubt tell, this email is not generated by ai!


Randy and Tia Accetta
What You Get
  • All 5k registrants receive a souvenir "TMC Meet Me Downtown" race shirt, in either a v-neck cut or unisex cut, shirt sizing first-come, first-served
  • All mile finishers receive the 2023 "Festival of Miles" souvenir finisher's medal
  • Live music from Blondie All Over
  • Food Truck round-up
  • The TMC 5k Night Run is the RRCA West Regional Championship

  • $150 gift card to Hotel Congress/Cup Cafe for the largest team
  • $150 gift card to Hotel Congress/Cup Cafe raffle -- every team of 5 or more is eligible
  • $300 to fastest team of 5, men's and women's division, standard cross country scoring
  • NOTES: Team registration closes May 23rd; as title sponsor, Team RUNTMC is not eligible for largest team award

  • Free beer for 21+ from Pueblo Vida Brewing, with Beer Garden coordinated by Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists
  • After-parties, with post-race discounts to Hotel Congress and Pura Vida
  • Great summer party in dynamic Downtown Tucson
  • Prize money for Open Mile and TMC 5k Night Run
  • TMC 5k Night Run is part of SAR's Running Shop Grand Prix, with Age Group Awards, courtesy of Running Shop

Children, Youth, and Families
  • Free SAR FitKids Mile for children 12-and-under
  • Free mile for all junior high and all high school students
  • Free entry to Children's Museum
  • Jumping castle
  • Comic Bookmobile activities and games

  • Currently $40 per person for the TMC 5k Night Run, with a $5 discount to everyone on a team of 5 or more
  • $20 for the Open Mile
  • Free: High School Mile for all students in high school
  • Free: Junior High Mile for all students in junior high
  • Free FitKidz Mile for all children 12-and-under - FitKidz registrants receive SAR FitKidz goodies.
  • All Open, High School, and Junior High Mile finishers receive a Festival of Miles souvenir medallion
Team FAQ
Q: How do I sign up for a 5k team?
A: You can go to this easy online registration link and register for the TMC Meet Me Downtown 5k -- you'll see a link to "Join a Team". You can follow links to either "Create New Group/Team" or "Join an Existing Team." If you are joining an existing team, you can see the list of teams on the menu. Should be easy-peasy . . . 

Q: How many do I need to get the team discount for the 5k?
A: Five. In terms of pricing, as soon as five people sign up on your team, the registration platform system will give $5 credit to the first four registrants and then provide the current team pricing discount to all newly registered team members. 

Q: How do I sign up for a team for the Saturday Night Festival of Miles?
A: You can follow the same "Join a Team" directions to create or join an existing team.

Q: Do we have to race this thing?
A: NO! The idea is to get friends and family and co-workers together to exercise and have fun. You can walk or stroll or jog or run -- just have fun!

Q: If we do want to race, can we win prizes?
A: Yes, the fastest women's team wins $300 and the fastest men's team wins $300. We use traditional cross country scoring so that your 5 fastest team members count towards the team. You can divvy up the prize money however you want.

Q: Are there other team prizes?
A: The team with the most registrants receives a $150 gift card to use at Hotel Congress -- so you can snag food at The Cup or drinks at the bar -- it's up to you!

Q: What if we're not fast and there's not a lot of us?
A: Fear not -- you can win too! Every single team is entered into a raffle for a $150 gift card to Hotel Congress

Q: Does everyone on the team get free beer and the race shirt?
A: Of course! Wait, that's not true: you have to be at least 21 years old to receive the free beer . . . 

Q: Do we all need to wear the same uniform?
A: Gosh no! Just get some friends and have fun exercising together!

Q: If I want to sign up for the 3-race series, the Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown, can I still join my team?
A: Yes, in the online-registration platform for the GZTC

Q: What are the charities for this event?
A: This event will help bring in over $15,000 for local organizations, including the Children's Museum, Tucson; Educational Enrichment Foundation; Greater Tucson Leadership; BEYOND-Tucson; Southern Arizona Roadrunners; Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists; and others.
List of Teams
Here's a list of teams and participants as of April 28:
Frank Castillo 520 Running & Riding
Bob Arendt 520 Running and Riding
Anne Hoff 520 Running and Riding
Joe Faulk 520 Running and Riding
LUPITA Hernandez Achilles International Tucson
Paul Alexander Arizona Attorney General's Office
Andrea Bonilla Arizona Attorney General's Office
Mya Robertson Better Together
Brian Clarke Captain Slow
Samantha Clarke Captain Slow
Joel Parker Downtown Dreams
Michael Douglas Downtown Dreams
Ashley Douglas Downtown Dreams
Guy Dobbins Downtown Dreams
James Hollister Downtown Dreams
Joy Mockbee El Rio Community Health Center
Susanne Cox Heads Up!
Alvin Kevichusa Heads Up!
Manuel Coppola Healthy Bs
Irene Coppola Healthy Bs
Staci Stanford Healthy Bs
Brianna Manzanedo Healthy Bs
Stephanie Manzanedo Healthy Bs
Megan Rosinko Kevershan-Hedges-Rosinko
Taylor Hedges Kevershan-Hedges-Rosinko
Joseph Holliman Kevershan-Hedges-Rosinko
Kelly Kevershan Kevershan-Hedges-Rosinko
Michael Kevershan Kevershan-Hedges-Rosinko
Ethan Burtch-Buus Kevershan-Hedges-Rosinko
Kaitlyn Kevershan Kevershan-Hedges-Rosinko
Lynn Hazzard L&D
Ryan Palma Larry Tribe
Alberto Heras Larry Tribe
Melissa Espindola Larry Tribe
Lisa Delaossa Meet Me!
David Samer Meet Me!
Rick Unklesbay Meet Me!
Linda Mazik Meet Me!
Jean Slama Meet Me!
Debbie White-Black Meet Me!
Tatum Rochin Meet Me!
Lyndsey Edmonds Meet Me!
Chris Langham Meet Me!
Catherine Langham Meet Me!
Maureen Cunningham Meet Me!
Elsbeth Hoggatt Milo's Adventure Team
Brian Janezic Milo's Adventure Team
Melissa Janezic Milo's Adventure Team
Peter Davidson Milo's Adventure Team
Brooke Crouser Milo's Adventure Team
Michaelina Sorrell NSM Culture Club
Nicholas Morgart NSM Culture Club
Amanda Boysun NSM Culture Club
James Orr Papa’s Birthday Run
Neill Minish Papa’s Birthday Run
Amy Minish Papa’s Birthday Run
Midge Ochert parkrun
Ezra Green parkrun
Denise Leahy parkrun
Abigail Green parkrun
David Armet parkrun
Deborah Martin Rancho Bootcamp Babes
Lela Messick Rancho Bootcamp Babes
Julia Johnson Rancho Bootcamp Babes
Lynn Pettit Ratcatchers
Tony Poulton Ratcatchers
Audreyanna Porterfield Run for God - Vail Christian Church
Christian Taton Run for God - Vail Christian Church
Jenna Allardice Run for God - Vail Christian Church
Sean Shifflette Run for God - Vail Christian Church
Joy Shifflette Run for God - Vail Christian Church
Sophia Rumph Run for God - Vail Christian Church
Kristi Dickey Run for God - Vail Christian Church
Lindsay Hensley Run for God - Vail Christian Church
Debra Clewley Run for God - Vail Christian Church
Wendi Allardice Run for God - Vail Christian Church
David Jones Run for God - Vail Christian Church
Vickie Jones Run for God - Vail Christian Church
Nayeli Hildenbrand Run for God - Vail Christian Church
Kyle Henke Run for God - Vail Christian Church
Kobe Henke Run for God - Vail Christian Church
Stephanie Kurn Run for God - Vail Christian Church
Scott Jatczak Run for God - Vail Christian Church
Jayme Bernet Run for God - Vail Christian Church
Stephanie Basurto Run for God - Vail Christian Church
Thom Dusek Run for God - Vail Christian Church
Bentley Bee Run for God - Vail Christian Church
Jim Armour Run for God - Vail Christian Church
Anita Armour Run for God - Vail Christian Church
Gilbert Salazar Run for God - Vail Christian Church
Sierra Dickey Run for God - Vail Christian Church
Gabrielle Newell Run for God - Vail Christian Church
Linda Pitney Run for God - Vail Christian Church
Amy Ramsey RUN TMC
Andra Cole RUN TMC
Melanie Zibrat RUN TMC
Gary Brauchla RUN TMC
Jennifer Burros RUN TMC
Felipe Bauer RUN TMC
Silvia Damron RUN TMC
Mary Klaehn RUN TMC
Rosa Soto RUN TMC
Liz Graham RUN TMC
Conrad Sanders RUN TMC
Caitlin McKenna RUN TMC
Michelle Spohn RUN TMC
Jesus Perez RUN TMC
Joanne Martinez RUN TMC
Carrie Serra RUN TMC
Angel Moreno RUN TMC
Melissa Cordero RUN TMC
Megan Rath RUN TMC
Lynna Bruton RUN TMC
Holly Pizzini RUN TMC
Amanda Ellis-Helzer RUN TMC
Tamara Sorrell RUN TMC
Torian Styles RUN TMC
Gabrielle Urbano RUN TMC
lindsey harper RUN TMC
Sean Elliott RUN TMC
Alex Rath RUN TMC
Isabel Loredo RUN TMC
Nancy Martinez RUN TMC
Lynn Hazzard RUN TMC
Cindy Knowlton RUN TMC
Jesus Lopez RUN TMC
Shane Mikovich RUN TMC
Lorraine Lopez RUN TMC
Ruth Halter RUN TMC
Marianne Leis RUN TMC
Jesus Perez RUN TMC
Joanne Martinez RUN TMC ICU
Damon Hemphill RUNUPS
Lana Sherman RUNUPS
Catherine Dray SAR
Peter Ruggles Slow Old Goats
Kelly Thrush SWET
Brandon Ball SWET
Autumn Ball SWET
Elizabeth Leadon SWET
Elizabeth Fallon SWET
Cherell Nelson SWET
Patricia Healey SWET
Melanie Blackmer SWET
Terry Ackerson SWET
RicK Bohlman SWET
William Mugg SWET
Joiel Goerke SWET
Monica Shannon SWET
Nong Schwartz SWET
Whitney Price SWET
James Rosenberger SWET
Christopher Fukui SWET
Annabelle Halstead SWET
Gregory Ingram SWET
Alma Rose Jackson SWET
Jennifer SWET
Nikki Stavile SWET
Jana Gojic SWET
Heidi Kurgat SWET
Larry Montoya T Town Boxing and Fitness
Shaunna Adams Team 520
Tatiana Urias Team 520
Kirstin Berson Team 520
Tracey Rowley Team 520
Cynthia Bardo Team 520
Isaac Johnson Team Horrible
Reagan Johnson Team Horrible
Ruth Kneale Team Horrible
Clayton Doughty The Walking Dead
Tyler Doughty The Walking Dead
Deanna Doughty The Walking Dead
Tim Story The Walking Dead
Elle Steiner The Workout Group
Claire Hans The Workout Group
McKenna Graham The Workout Group
Noemi Mills The Workout Group
Elsa O'Callaghan Travel Wives
Jessica Dennis Travel Wives
Celia Scott TTG Purple Night Owls
Kara Vatthauer TTG Purple Night Owls
Laura Wilson USAO
Sandy Hansen USAO
Evan Wesley USAO
Heather Siegele USAO
Nicole Savel USAO
Jason Adams USAO
Renda Maginnis USAO
Christopher Curran USAO
Gary Restaino USAO
Rui Wang USAO
Deborah Everett Wicked Running Club
Eileen Spear Wicked Running Club - Arizona
Dave Dixon Workout Group
Craig Mills Workout Group
2023 Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown, presented by TMC
We continue to be grateful for the support of Ross Zimmerman, Emily Nottingham, and the entire Zimmerman family, allowing us to celebrate Gabe through these events.

Register for the Gabe Zimmerman Triple C and receive a special "Run Tucson" souvenir shirt, unique Gabe Z souvenir medal, and entry into three popular events:
  • May 27th TMC Meet Me Downtown 5k Run/Walk
  • September 10th TMC Tucson 10k, 5k Run/Walk
  • October 22nd TMC A-Mountain Half-Marathon and 4-Mile

Thanks to TMC, $10 of every Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown registration goes to BEYOND-Tucson, one of Tucson's leading public health advocates.

$99 through January 31
$115 February 1 - March 31
$125 April 1 - May 24

TMC Meet Me Downtown 5k Night Run + Festival of Miles

Saturday Night, May 27, 2023
Make plans for Memorial Day Weekend and the 17th Annual TMC Night Run/Walk and Festival of Miles

Staged at Armory Park and the Children's Museum in the heart of Downtown Tucson.

Adults will like the beer garden, live music, Cirque Roots, food truck roundup, and after-party at Hotel Congress.

Families will like the free entry to the SAR FitKidz Mile, the free High School Mile, the free entry to the Children's Museum, jumping castles, roving magician, and more!

Speedsters will like the prize money, age group awards, and RRCA West Regional Championships awards.

Festival of Miles includes the Open Mile, Free High School Mile, and Free SAR FitKidz Mile

This will be the first-race of the three-race Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown, raising funds for the BEYOND-Tucson Foundation. Additional Beneficiaries include the Children's Museum, Educational Enrichment Foundation, Greater Tucson Leadership, and Cox Charities.

The TMC 5k is part of the SAR's 2023 Running Shop Grand Prix.

Team discount of $5 off once five members join the team.

Saguaro National Park Labor Day 8-Miler and 5k

Monday morning, September 4, 2023
52nd Saguaro National Park Labor Day Run

One of the only courses in the nation allowed on actual National Park land, the beautiful course rolls up and down the 8-mile paved road amid the lush Cactus Forest at the base of the Rincon Mountains.

Souvenir shirt to all registrants, plus entry into the Saguaro National Park. We at Run Tucson are proud to be the race directors for this Southern Arizona Roadrunners event.

TMC Tucson 10k and companion 5k

Sunday morning, September 10, 2023
Tucson's only fall 10k is back with a new date, now September 10, 2023!

We'll be back for the 5th annual event, on the same beautiful course among the rolling hills of the Painted Desert in the foothills of the Tucson Mountains.

All participants will receive a race shirt and souvenir medal.

This is the 2nd leg of the 2023 Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown.

TMC A-Mountain Half Marathon, 4-Miler, and Cox Family Mile

Sunday morning, October 22, 2023
We're coming back to the A!

We're working on staging the TMC A-Mountain Half-Marathon at the Mercado Annex, tucked at the base of Sentinel Peak, with a route that includes scenic A-Mountain and the speedy Santa Cruz Riverpath.

We may introduce the TMC A-Mountain 4-Miler, as well as continue with our COX Charities and SAR FitKidz Mile.

The 3rd leg of the GabeZ Triple Crown will have goodies for all race registrants: souvenir coaster medal, cool race shirt, post-race fun, and more!

The TMC Half-Marathon is part of the SAR's 2023 Running Shop Grand Prix.

Grand Canyon Trail Half Marathon and 5k Run/Walk

Saturday morning, November 4, 2023
5th Annual Grand Canyon Trail Half Marathon Run and 5k Run/Walk

Run or walk a half-marathon or 5k in the beautiful and rugged Kaibab National Forest, just south of the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. 

Souvenir race medal, colorful long sleeve shirt, race goodies, and more to commemorate your iconic journey through the trails near the South Rim.

Visitor discounts for hotels, food, and activities.

TMC Urgent Care
In response to a surge in respiratory illnesses, 3 TMCOne clinics are now offering walk-in and same-day care for children

Click here for information on locations and care options.
Dispatch Health
Dispatch Health allows you to stay at home while the provider comes to you, in the comfort of your home for urgent, but non-life-threatening health issues. Call (520) 385-5684 
The TMC Now app gives you 24/7 access to physicians that are licensed to practice in Arizona through the convenience of phone, video, or mobile app visits.  It's an affordable option for quality medical care.

Click here for more information on this convenient health care option.

Every Monday: Meet Me at Maynard's, Hotel Congress/Maynard's Kitchen
Every Wednesday: Meet Me Wednesday's, St. Phillip's Plaza
See for additional details.

Every Saturday: Parkrun Himmel Park

Interested in building or maintaining local trails? Think about joining or supporting the Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists -- see them here.

For a detailed list of social and recreational road and mountain bike rides in the Tucson community, see Damion Alexander's list at To subscribe to the email list, email and put "ride list" in the subject heading.
We've updated our page and the all the registration pages, but if we missed anything, please let us know!
Join the Southern Arizona Roadrunners
We are grateful for our 25+ year friendship with SAR, one of the best running clubs in the nation.

Check out the great community programs offered by our local running club, the Southern Arizona Roadrunners.

Next Up for SAR: Dr Gann's Diet of Hope Cinco de Mayo 10k and 5k

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