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TDL Industry
Virtual Job Fair
Feb. 25th

INvets is inviting 3 to 5 Plainfield companies
to join them in their virtual booth at the
Hiring Our Heroes
TDL focused event.

This is a FREE event for the companies joining INvets in their
virtual booth.

Space is limited.

Blue Line News - Assistance Requested: from Lisa Bentley - Indy Gateway
Signing this letter matters. Your corporate/organization support is needed to show legislators that we need the Blue Line and Indygo services.
A bill proposed at the statehouse could jeopardize $90 million of new investment in the West Washington Corridor. Here is a primer for what you need to know as the Blue Line fight begins.
Revitalization Hangs in the Balance
With the Purple Line’s construction set to begin this year, Freeman’s bill could deal the Blue Line a fatal blow along with infrastructure investment, business revenue gains, and property value increases. If made law, the bill could prove a significant setback for revitalization in the West Washington Corridor. 
Please sign the letter here. It is quick and easy! Thank you!

Lisa Bentley
Executive Director
Indy Gateway Inc.
Plainfield Seeks Input:
Sidewalk & Trail Masterplan

Attached is a link to all of the input from our team, the Town Staff, your feedback, and a review of other plans both by the Town and by bordering agencies and communities.
This Draft Conceptual Map for the Town’s Sidewalk and Trail Network is now being made available for general public comment.
Your input to date is much appreciated, and has helped make the plan more complete. It is a comprehensive exhibit of desired upgrades and new facilities.
We invite you to see the developing plan, and feel free to comment as part of the general public comment period…we are asking for any comments by Feb 10 so that we can keep the process moving.
Please make any comments as specific and descriptive as you can.

Thank you very much,
Brock Ridgway, P.E.
Eagle Ridge Civil Engineering Services, LLC
(317) 370-9672
EID Partners with Plainfield Community Schools to Expand Workforce - 2nd Invitation
(NOTE: if you're receiving this email, your company
is eligible and encouraged to participate)

The Plainfield Economic Improvement District and Plainfield Community Schools are teaming up to tackle local workforce challenges.

The current phase of initiatives includes development of a website where local employers can browse the resumes of graduates and eligible students for potential hiring candidates.

A second portal will make available to students the promotional materials (videos, websites, etc.) of companies located within the EID. Students will be encouraged to visit the portal to learn about the industries and career opportunities located in their own backyard.

All services are provided free of charge for employers and students alike with development support courtesy of the Plainfield EID.

Local companies are encouraged to submit industry promotional materials showcasing their operations and opportunities by February 1st.

Submissions, questions and comments may be emailed to:

The EID expects to launch the site early in Q1.
Hire a Vet
Check out the latest veteran resumes from INvets.
Free to view. Free to hire.
These folks are ready to work!
Next EID Board Meeting - Tuesday, March 23rd - 11AM.
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