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  • Mountain View eyes changes to rent control ordinance
  • 90-day notice required when raising rents more than 10%
  • Substantial deregulation for Accessory Dwelling Units
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In a protracted and cantankerous battle between the interests of tenants and landlords in the epicenter of high-tech, Mountain View City Council continues its soul searching, but the end to this saga will likely be decided by voters at the ballot box.
Under AB 1110, landlords will soon be required to provide a 90-day notice to tenants whenever rent increases exceed 10%, essentially giving month-to-month tenants an extra 30 days' heads up, since under existing law, the owner must be afforded 60 days' notice before the effective date of a rent increase north of 10%.
We are encouraged that the state and municipalities have put away the scalpel and taken a machete to restrictions in building these pint-sized units. We survey some of the new laws inked by the legislature and Governor Newsom here.
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